We are all living in a world where there is so much chaos, confusion and fear. I think we all are exhausted, looking for ways to escape. Is escaping the answer? It’s a question we each must answer.

You’ve heard me say that what’s happening within our midst will reveal who we really are. I now believe what’s happening within our midst is a reflection of who we have become collectively.

Many people are showing themselves to us in ways that we find difficult to accept. It’s easy to get on social media,  get into intense debates with each other and show ugly sides of ourselves to the world. The world gets to see our wounds loud and clear.

But what’s even more dangerous are those of us who get up in the morning and read a passage of scripture, say a few words of prayer, then jump on social media to share our newfound wisdom while still carrying deep muted, unacknowledged and unresolved wounds.

We run successful businesses, make great money, have plenty of friends and become popular, all while avoiding our real internal issues, challenges and pains that show up in ways that have us blinded us to the truth.

You see, hiding and side-stepping the truth can be seductive and deceptive. Because it frees us from dealing with our shame, our truth, and our pain lodged in our souls. So we take the path of least resistance.

For some, there’s a knowing that we still have deeper issues that remain untouched, ignored and unhealed. For others, we’ve learned how to dodge and side-step the truth that our soul is crying out through our false sense of spirituality.

Our need to be applauded and significant drown out the deep whispers that urge us to do the real healing work on ourselves.  In the midst of these arising times that humanity is now facing, it’s easy to blurt out phrases like, “God will fix it, It’s happening for a reason or We are living in the last days” all to make us feel better and temporarily escape.

Yet, if things are going to change, we’ve got to change. If things are going to get better, we each must get better. This must happen regardless of who is in the White House.  Because at a deeper level and collectively, the world is reflecting back to us who we (humanity) have become at our core.

Why is it so important that our wounds heal? Because it’s our wounds that keep us divided and separated. Our wounds keep us hating instead of loving. They keep us bitter instead of forgiving and our wounds keep us bound instead of free.

Yes, this is a wake us call for us all. The alarm is sounding. And if we are going to heal collectively, it must start with each of us individually. Individually we must brave the uncharted waters of our soul to swim deeply into our wounds, to truly heal what we’ve been so good at side-stepping because it was just too painful to feel.

The truth is, God can and will heal our land. Yet, we must acknowledge we have wounds that need to be healed. The healing of our individual souls is how we heal the soul of humanity. And it starts with each of us acknowledging the truth about who we have become and the truth about WHO WE CAN BE!