Every once and while, someone comes along who has the ability to impact remarkable and radical change in the lives of many. Angela Carr Patterson is that such person. For over three decades, Angela has inspired and encouraged others to awaken their truth, actualize the power of self-love to unleash their greatest potential to shine in the world. She’s sparkling, warm, transparent, compassionate and shares from her heart.

Angela Carr Patterson

Ignite Conversations. Spark Awareness. Awaken Souls. Drive Change.

Angela has graced numerous international platforms and national stages as a workshop leader, keynote presenter and corporate trainer. Recognized for her trademark message, “Awaken Your Life”, Angela uses humor, mixed with wisdom and insight to challenge her audiences awaken the truth of who they really are to unleash their greatest potential to shine in the world. An embodiment of love, grace, compassion and empowered with the wisdom of the times, Angela stands as a constant source of inspiration, healing and hope for humanity’s crucial arising times.

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A Few of Her Topics

Awaken Your Truth

In this high tech, social media craze, grind and hustle cultural, it appears that people have forgotten who they are. This can be challenging when we are inundated with daily messages telling who we are and who we need to be, what to buy and what’s popular. We are so busy trying to keep up with trends, to be liked, to move up the ladder and to gain a seat at the table that we wake up one day only find ourselves living someone else’s version of what our lives are supposed to be. This leaves us overworked, overwhelmed and in many cases over looked. In this message, Awaken Your Truth,  Angela shares with her audience how humanity arrived at this place of confusion, frustration and desperation and what we can do to turn things around by asking ourselves one important question, “What kind of life do I really want to live?: Then she walks them through the process of returning back to the original design for their lives by awakening some truths they’ve forgotten. Angela believes it’s time for us to come home. Home to Our Awakened Truth and Awakened Life.

Living in the Divine Ache™...Giving Birth to Your Next Level.

Based on her book with the same title, Angela addresses what happens when life shows up in ways we never could have predicted. With the sudden death of her mother, sister-in-law and brother, then her 2 year old granddaughter’s diagnosis with cancer all within a 9 month period, Angela found herself in what she called, “The Divine Ache™.”  A space where many of us find ourselves when we have more questions than answers, when we live between two worlds of knowing and not knowing, and when we’ve come to the end of our rope. In this presentation, Angela takes her audience through what she calls “The Six Cycles of the Divine Ache™ Life”  which eventually leads them to a space of new found joy and peace.  What was once a crisis or an end, can now become a turning point, a defining moment which takes us to our Awakened Life…A Life Reimagined and Success Redefine. A powerful and heart stirring presentation with a relevant message for these arising times.

The Making of a Fatherless Daughter

A workshop that addresses the impact of fatherlessness on a female’s life once she reaches adulthood, Angela shares her documentary film, The Making of a Fatherless Daughter, featuring real stories of women who grew up with an unattached, unavailable or absent father. This film follows with an open panel discussion and introduces Angela’s Journey to Being Process™ to help women heal their daddy wounds and give men an in-depth insight into the importance of their role in their daughter’s life.

It's Time Amplify and Awaken Your Roar

In this highly energy filled presentation, Angela encourages her audience to play exclusively in their genius zone by accessing their power to unleash their greatest potential to shine in the world. She teaches that we all have a G-Spot... our gifts, our greatness and our genius. Angela then shares her 7 step process on how to tap into that G-Spot and discover our ROAR. Then with a powerful exercise, she leads audiences into a life transformative Roar Amplification Experience. A powerful life changing message.

Love Story ParTEA: Spilling The Tea on Making Love Work

Nothing cause a woman more grief and pain in life than her love relationships. Much of the pain comes from simply not knowing how to make love work. In the Love Story ParTEA, Angela shares her six keys to transforming your relationships, spills the TEA on how to crack the man code, help you discover your  love archetype and reveals the two love traps women often find themselves in. Hosted as a home party with lots of laughter, fun, friendship and food, women learn how to stop pushing love out of their lives by redefining and rewriting their love story. Host a Love Story ParTEA for your church, organization, company event or your friends at home. 

Special Corporate Presentations

It’s time to take the ‘conventional’ out of the convention. With staggering statistics on the benefits of emotional and physical wellbeing, forward- thinking meeting planners, corporations, religious and educational institutions are boldly shifting into a critical new paradigm. It is no longer a question of “Will we incorporate wellbeing programming into our conferences and workplace?” It’s a question of “How?”

For nearly 37 years, Angela Carr Patterson has empowered thousands of individuals, groups and businesses to achieve greater emotional, mental and physical well being and tap into their highest potential for creativity, vitality and success.

Angela will work with you to transform your meeting experience or workplace into one of deepened learning, improved retention and a heightened sense of clarity and focus. Combining practical wisdom and insightful teachings, our programs introduce the topics of tools for work/ life balance, leadership, breath and movement, and creating conscious corporations and/or organizations.

Presentations can be incorporated as:

• In-Meeting Enrichment and Wellness Breaks • Inspirational Keynote Lectures
• Team Building Workshops • Conscious Living Presentations
• Breakout Session • Lunch & Learns • Table Talk Soulful Conversations

Angela Carr Patterson

In The Media

Angela has been interviewed and featured on numerous television networks, radio shows, magazines, newspapers, morning shows, online publications, and talk shows around the country. Angela is available for interviews and appearances in Print Media, TV, Radio and Digital Media. 

Angela is a Producer

Soulful Media Productions

Angela continues to use various media platforms to produce projects that address controversial/tough social issues that impact women and girls. Through her Soulful Media Productions, she is creating conversations and solutions that will reshape and transform our world anew.  She believes that all change begins with a conversation and  Angela’s projects aim to spark deeper conversations that awaken our souls. Soulful Media Productions is a company dedicated to addressing tough/controversial issues that impact women and girls through film/tv/radio, theatre, music, print and digital media to elevate awareness and awaken our souls to solutions, change and transformation. 

“Truth be told, few have the gift to uplift and inspire others with their words like Angela Carr Patterson. One of our OnPoint listeners called her ‘spellbinding’. He didn't lie”

Cynthia Pryor Hardy, OnPoint TV & Radio

“She’s real, down to earth and captivating. I didn’t realize it until now, that listening to Angela Carr Patterson is good for the soul.”

Andreas Fiouris, Software Engineer

"Oh the energy she makes your heart feel! I can't even explain the feeling. But I know one thing, you will leave there knowing that she cares and speaks from the heart of her own experiences. The information learned.....it will last a lifetime for teens and adults. An enjoyable meaningful message.""

Cheryl Johnson, Richland County Procurement