A Powerful Voice for Change!

Every once and while, someone comes along who has the ability to impact remarkable and radical change in the lives of others. Angela Carr Patterson is that such person. For almost four decades, Angela has inspired and encouraged others to awaken their truth and live God’s original design for their lives.











Angela Carr Patterson

Ignite Conversations. Spark Awareness. Awaken Souls. Drive Change.

She’s sparkling, warm, transparent, compassionate and shares from her heart. ​Angela has graced numerous international platforms and national stages as a workshop leader, keynote presenter and corporate trainer. Recognized for her trademark message, “Awaken Your Life”, Angela uses humor, mixed with wisdom and insight to challenge her audiences to awaken the truth of who they really are and unleash their greatest potential to shine in the world. An embodiment of love, grace, compassion and empowered with the wisdom of the times, Angela stands as a constant source of inspiration, healing and hope for humanity’s crucial arising times.

Angela Carr Patterson

In The Media

Angela is the host to two television shows, The Making of a Fatherless Daughter and Awaken Your Life w/ Angela Carr Patterson. Angela has also been interviewed and featured on numerous television networks, radio shows, magazines, newspapers, morning shows, online publications, and talk shows around the country. She is available for interviews and appearances in Print Media, TV, Radio and Digital Media.

Angela Can Be Seen….

Angela is a Producer

Soulful Media Productions

Angela continues to use various media platforms to produce projects that address controversial/tough social issues that impact women and girls. Through her Soulful Media Productions, she is creating conversations and solutions that will reshape and transform our world anew.  She believes that all change begins with a conversation and Angela’s projects aim to spark deeper conversations that awaken our souls. Soulful Media Productions is a company dedicated to addressing tough/controversial issues that impact women and girls through film and digital media. Soulful Media aims to elevate awareness and awaken our souls to solutions, change, and transformation.

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The Making of a Fatherless Daughter

Awaken Your Life w/ Angela Carr Patterson

Soulful Moments of Inspiration

“Truth be told, few have the gift to uplift and inspire others with their words like Angela Carr Patterson. One of our OnPoint listeners called her ‘spellbinding’. He didn't lie”

Cynthia Pryor Hardy, OnPoint TV & Radio

“She’s real, down to earth and captivating. I didn’t realize it until now, that listening to Angela Carr Patterson is good for the soul.”

Andreas Fiouris, Software Engineer

"Oh the energy she makes your heart feel! I can't even explain the feeling. But I know one thing, you will leave there knowing that she cares and speaks from the heart of her own experiences. The information learned.....it will last a lifetime for teens and adults. An enjoyable meaningful message.""

Cheryl Johnson, Richland County Procurement