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Every once and while, someone comes along who has the ability to impact remarkable and radical change in the lives of many. Angela Carr Patterson is that such person. For over three decades, Angela has inspired and encouraged people to awaken their truth, actualize the power of self-love to unleash their greatest potential to shine in the world. She’s sparkling, warm, transparent, compassionate and shares from her heart.

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About Angela

Angela has graced numerous international platforms and national stages as a workshop leader, keynote presenter and corporate trainer. Recognized for her trademark message, “Awaken Your Truth”, Angela uses humor, mixed with wisdom and insight to help her audiences awaken the truth of who they really are to unleash their greatest potential to shine in the world. An embodiment of love, grace, compassion and empowered with the wisdom of the times, Angela stands as a constant source of inspiration, healing and hope for humanity’s crucial arising times.

Some of Angela’s Topics

Your Awakened Truth

Angela wants to help you face some truths about your life that you’ve somehow evaded, ignored or turned away from, but could be the breakthrough you’ve been seeking. In this presentation, she walks her audience through a process that will help them to awaken their truth, access their power and unleash their greatest potential to shine. 

Are You a Fatherless Daughter? The Danger in Not Knowing.

This powerful presentation addresses many of the issues that have kept our lives stuck. Understanding that 2 out of 3 women are negatively impacted by a flawed or non-existent father-daughter relationship, Angela shares how this one missing element could be the reason they’ve not achieved the results in life they’d hope. She then guides them to redefine who they are, reclaim their value and worth and rewrite a new narrative for their lives. A powerful and life transforming presentation. A Journey of love, acceptance and forgiveness. 

How We Do Love is How We Do Money

Based on Angela’s book with the same title, this is a fun and exciting presentation. Angela delivers talk with a lot of humor, yet powerful nuggets to address why women find themselves on the up and down roller coaster when it comes to their relationship with love and money. Recognizing that nothing causes a woman more grief and pain in life than love and money, Angela shares her powerful “Love and Money Archetype System” to help women transform their relationship with love and money. “It’s time to stop pushing love and money out of our lives and fill our love tanks and bank accounts,” says Angela. 

Living in the Divine Ache™...Giving Birth to Your Next Level

Based on her book with the same title, Angela addresses what happens when life shows up in ways we never could have predicted. With the sudden death of her mother, sister-in-law and brother, then her 2 year old granddaughter’s diagnosis with cancer all within a 9 month period, Angela found herself in what she calls, “The Divine Ache™.”  A space where many of us find ourselves when we have more questions than answers, when we live between two worlds of knowing and not knowing, and when we’ve come to the end of our rope. In this presentation, Angela takes her audience through what she calls “The Six Cycles of the Divine Ache™ Life”  which eventually leads them to a space of new found joy and peace.  What was once a crisis or an end, can now become a turning point, a defining moment which takes us to our Awakened Life…A Life Reimagined and Success Redefine. A powerful and heart stirring presentation with a relevant message for these arising times. 

Fathers Loves Best

The presentation addresses the many ways a dad can learn how to foster a deeper relationship with his daughter that speaks to her essential needs and desires.  This message is for any father, whether he’s present, absent, unattached or unavailable in his daughter’s life. Fathers will learn what happens when he fails to provide the 4 P’s that every female needs from her dad and how to avoid making his girl a Fatherless Daughter. Presented with a nonjudgmental and non-condescending approach, Angela speak to the heart of every father who desires to rekindled, reconnect or re-enter his daughter’s life in a deeper, fulfilling and more meaningful way. 

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 Angela’s Happy Clients

“Truth be told, few have the gift to uplift and inspire others with their words like Angela Carr Patterson. One of our OnPoint listeners called her ‘spellbinding’.”

Cynthia Pryor Hardy, OnPoint TV & Radio

“She’s real, down to earth and captivating. I didn’t realize it until now, that listening to Angela Carr Patterson is good for the soul.”

Andreas Fiouris, Software Engineer