I often write and speak to women about creating true love in their lives and manifesting real financial success. I realize that not all women struggle in these areas and that perhaps you are one of the ones who don’t. But I also know that there are countless women from around the world who suffer daily from the grind of trying to keep up with over whelming debt, paying their bills on time and experiencing that lonely aching feeling of not having the kind of loving, fulfilling relationship they desire.

Let’s face it! There are many things that a woman  want, but there are at least two things that we all really crave.  That is to be loved in a way that makes the soul feel safe and to be secure in knowing that our basic needs are met.  For some reason we find it difficult to articulate that truth to others, but more importantly to ourselves.

How many times have held back what you truly wanted because you felt it was not important enough, or that you didn’t matter?  When we stand up and tell the truth about what we want, we are saying that we really do matter.

This week, I want to try something different. I want each person who is reading this blog to tell us “what you want”  by writing it in the comment box below. Perhaps you are struggling with something right now. Whatever it is, write what you want below in the comment box.  It doesn’t matter how small or how big it is, write it in the box. When we learn to ask for what we want, we are now stepping into our power.

What if someone reads your comment and they have the solution? For example, I want to finish my book. There may be a ghost writer who is in total alignment with my mission and is available to help me complete my book.  But we cannot help each other if we are all walking around wearing this silly mask as if all is well, when it is not. We cannot be each other’s midwives when we do not let others know that we are pregnant with a dream that needs to be birthed.

 It is time that we learn to tell the truth and it is time that we step up and help others when it’s within our power to do so.  Only what we are NOT giving in any situation is missing in our lives. You will discover as you stand in your power and speak what you want, then look for someone to help get what they want…your dreams and desires begin to manifest!! That is powerful and true!

As you read the comments that have been left and you see someone you can offer help to, reach out to them. Let’s start this amazing movement that I am calling, “SPEAK UP and REACH OUT.” Tell us what you want. Then look for someone you can help. There is power in this!  Will you do this today?