I’ve been pretty quiet this week because I’ve been in my creative laboratory…Lol…my home office, creating and crafting tons of new content, programs and services.  My company, Oasis Promotions, LLC, is a personal and professional development company dedicated to building new awakened female leaders for the reshaping and transformation of the world through empowerment, enrichment and entertainment. Whew! That was a mouthful. It’s my elevator pitch that the gurus tell us we need to have. LOL.


Anyway, it’s important that you revisit your mission for your company/brand so that you don’t stray too far away from it. There’s so much noise out here and lots of people coming at you. It can become overwhelming and you find yourself running after every shinny thing. But never getting into action.

I am committed to helping you get into action and providing the best paths, services, programs, guidance and opportunities for you to soar. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, work for a company, stay at home mom or retired, you have a place in this world and a message for this current time and season. And the world is waiting on you.


When I say the world, I mean the corner of the world that you were born to serve. This could be the folks in your home, on your street, in your church community, your city, your state…your country or many countries worldwide.

Because what matters most is that you answer that calling…that pulling that is beckoning you to “do something.” Or perhaps “to do more.” And I show up in your life when you are sensing this feeling…I call it, The Divine Ache™.

The truth is…you can’t get away from the Divine Ache™, until you do something. It will continue to build up inside of you and the pressure will leave you feeling out of sorts, frustrated, and even overwhelmed. It’s because you don’t really know what you should be doing and if you do know…you don’t know where or how to get started. And for some women, they know the what, they know the how…they simply have lost their courage and inspiration.

I get that…and I understand it clearly. I was once there myself. In fact, I’ve been there many times. But just like you’re reading this and wondering what’s my intentions here, I’ve done the same thing with those who would reach out to me. They would show up just the right time when I needed to make a move or take some action. I wish that I could tell you that I would align with the persons showing up, but there were times when I missed it. As I look back, I missed some great opportunities to serve and soar because I lacked the ability to trust people and trust life’s process.

As I evolved and began to work on my hidden and unrecognizable fears, I was no longer suspicious and I learned to trust life’s process for me.  Because every missed opportunity that I didn’t take due to my fears, not only hindered my life, but the lives of those I was meant to serve.

As I started to look at the “Bigger Picture” I knew I had to make my life count for something more. We have big issues in our world right now. It will take all of us to stand forward and say, “I want to be apart of the reshaping and transformation of the world anew.”


Once you make this declaration, look for the people who are now showing up in your life. These maybe the people who are meant to help you in this season.  Perhaps it’s someone like me who knows how to help you identify your gifts/talents, your message/mission and help you to advance it through a thriving, sustainable and profitable business model. The power of entrepreneurship is huge and will create many opportunities for you to help others.

If you’re still reading this article, this tells me that I’ve said something that resonates with you or struck a cord within you.  So why don’t you and I explore this a little further by having short a conversation. A simple soulful conversation that goes deep enough to awaken your soul and get you inspired once again. I’ve been told that tend to do that to people. And the best thing about this conversation is, “it’s free.”


All you have to do is trust that reading this could be a sign that it’s time for you to say yes to your “Next Level Calling” and allow life’s process the flow. Take a moment and access my calendar at www.youactnow.info so you and I can have a short conversation about your next level.  Don’t forget to schedule our conversation. I’ll talk with you soon.