Single and Seasoned

Dating Over 50!

I Love You…

At the right time, in the right place, these three little words can literally change your life – when spoken by the right person.
Some people search a lifetime to just to hear these words spoken from an authentic heart. Then there are those of us who wonder if we will ever hear it again.

For many men and women over fifty years of age and single, the real question becomes…“Will I ever find love again at my age?“
In a world where online and speed dating has become the norm, how can those of us who are more comfortable with the traditional style of dating, such as “courting”, really find the relationship that our hearts are yearning for?

We created Single and Seasoned (SAS) events to offer the single man and woman, age 50 and over, a day of empowerment, enrichment and entertainment. Spend a day learning the new rules for dating, then try them out at our SAS Social where you will meet and greet with others who are seeking to love again.