banner-1Much has been written and spoken on the subject of boys growing up without their fathers and the negative impact this missing key element has on their lives as they reach adulthood. We’ve read numerous studies that offer alarming statistics of our prisons being filled with men who grew up without their fathers. There are numerous of programs, discussions and books on this alarming topic of fatherless sons.

Yet, little has been brought to the forefront of our attention when it comes to fatherless daughters. Until now!! On July 14th and July 21st, Oprah Winfrey and Iyanla Vanzant will host a 2-Part Life Class on the OWN Network entitled, “Daddyless Daughters.” The effects on a girl’s life who grows up with an unavailable, unattached or absent father can be catastrophic.

An adult woman who did not have the validation, love and support of an attentive and loving father will experience many devastating issues in life from relationships problems, money issues, career and health problems. As The Love Lifestyle Coach and author of “I’m Not That Woman…A Fatherless Daughter’s Journey to Being,” I have been speaking and coaching fatherless daughters for years through my Fatherless Daughters Breakthrough Program.

I am delighted that the OWN Network is bringing this topic onto a global platform and I had a chance to view the taping of the shows via online. We cannot solve these issues in two television shows, but now we can get the conversation started.

That’s why I am hosting a series of online and live events, starting with a FREE live event,“Fatherless Daughters Shares Their Heart Secrets…The Conversation Continues” on Tuesday, July 23rd, 7PM at The Comfort Suites Hotel, 1540 Daulton Drive, Columbia, SC. To attend this event RSVP Here…