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Living in the Divine Ache™

Giving Birth to Your Next Level

Living in The Divine Ache™…Giving Birth to Your Next Level is a book about fear, honesty, courage and the power of surrender. Angela Carr Patterson, takes you on a journey of never before told stories of her emotional breakdown that lead her to face some unimaginable truths about herself, her life, her work and her relationship with God. Candidly and openly, she gives the reader an inside look into a transformative process she calls The Divine Ache™ Life. A daunting internal space that forced her to go deeper into the uncharted territories of her soul and embark upon an invisible path of uncertainty that ultimately led her to a life reimagined and success redefined.

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You will gain access to Angela’s powerful training right from the comfort of your home/office via our online user friendly Virtual System. All of her programs a filled with powerful and easy to follow content that’s sure to meet your personal and professional needs. Angela’s online programs are the next best thing to getting up close and personal with her as your personal coach. You will find all of the training to be relevant to helping you achieve your goals. 

The Awakened Entrepreneur Online Training Program

The Awakened Entrepreneur Training Series is designed to specifically help you create a successful business that fulfills your authentic role in the world, while generating the kind of income you desire and deserve! If you’re a heart centered entrepreneur, you’ve probably grown tired of the hustle and bustle of trying to make your business successful.

Program at-a-Glance: 

In this program, Angela Carr Patterson will teach you her 4 Foundational Pillars for Business Success.  The online program consists of 4 modules and each module has training audios and downloadable worksheet templates. Each lesson is designed to bring you closer to creating success in your business. Easy to follow, user friendly and powerful content that will yield amazing results. The 4 Modules Are:  Mindset, Money, Marketing and Management.

Awaken Life Master Coach Certification

Business Income Generator Online Training ProgramIf you feel something calling you to help others Awaken their lives, then I want to invite you to become a Certified Awaken Life Master Coach! A Certified Awaken Life Master Coach serves as an agent for change in the lives of his/her clients. You help your clients move their lives forward in an easy, timely, systematic approach that’s sure to yield them the results they are seeking. Through our amazing proven, turn-key coaching system, you will learn the tools, training and expertise needed to build a successful and lucrative coaching business for yourself and your clients. This coaching system is designed to use as a stand alone program or it can be implemented into your already existing program to help provide even more opportunities for yourself and your clients. Whether you are a life coach, consultant or an entrepreneur with a heart to see radical and permanent healthy changes in the lives of others, becoming a Certified Awaken Life Master Coach is just the right fit for you

Business Income Generator Online Training Program

Angela has helped entrepreneurs learn how to generate consistent, reoccurring income in their businesses for decades. In this powerful 5-Part training, taken from a live broadcast for her 2013 VIP clients, Angela shares how you can structure your business to generate high level consistent income. While the recording was done a few years ago, this training is still powerful and the strategies are so result driven that it continues to yield massive results for today’s entrepreneur.

In this program, Angela Carr Patterson will share her result driven strategies that she uses to generate consistent, high level income and big money paydays in her business. She goes behind the scenes to help you go deeper into how money works, how to tap into the energy of money so that your business never feels the strain of money struggles again. This program is for the entrepreneur who is ready strengthen your business strategies, turn around your marketing principles and up level your income streams.

Speak 2 Success Audio w/ Les Brown & Angela

Download this powerful teleconference, featuring Angela Carr Patterson, Tamara Hartley and the World’s #1 Motivational Speaker Les Brown. This audio will give you the nuts and bolts needed to skyrocket a speaking career and take it to the next level. A rare, up close and personal, in-depth teaching by 3 of the most powerful speakers in the land.

Program at-a-Glance: This is a downloadable MP3 is designed to help you grow a speaking career. You will hear from branding expert, Tamara Hartley, Global Life and Success Strategist, Angela Carr Patterson, and the world’s greatest speaker, Mr. Les Brown himself. This is program is for the entrepreneur who is ready strengthen her speaking business strategies, turn around your marketing principles and up level your income streams. 

Upcoming Events

March 2, 2020

Close Door VIP Training, Private Clients • Columbia, SC

Closed Door Live Training for my VIP Private Clients. Open to public for $75

March 8, 2020

Dine & Shine w/ Columbia, SC

Join Angela and her friends for a time of celebration as they recognize International Women’s Day. International Women’s Day is a special day, dedicated to women around the world, is a celebration of the great success of women across all spheres of life as well as shaping the future. The objective of Women’s Day is to express love and gratitude towards women’s’ contribution to our lives and society.  You will enjoy a nice dinner, listen to some great stories, connect with some powerful women and help us recognize a few women in our community. The Fee: $30 includes full meal and gift.

March 28, 2020 This event will be rescheduled.

Father Loves Best TV Show Casting• Columbia, SC

Casting for upcoming TV Show, Father Loves Best

April 30, 2020: This event will be rescheduled.

Women in the Workplace• Columbia, SC

Details Coming Soon

May 30, 2020: This event will be rescheduled.

Women Rising Power Group Brunch-Atlanta

A powerful VIP Brunch with Powerful Influencers from around the country come together to ignite conversation, spark awareness and drive change.

August 27-30, 2020

Immersion Closed Door VIP Retreat, Orlando, Florida

4 Days to Transform Your Life