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You will gain access to Angela’s powerful training right from the comfort of your home/office via our online user friendly Virtual System. All of her programs a filled with powerful and easy to follow content that’s sure to meet your personal and professional needs. Angela’s online programs are the next best thing to getting up close and personal with her as your personal coach. You will find all of the training to be relevant to helping you achieve your goals. 

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The Awakened Entrepreneur Online Training Program

The Awakened Entrepreneur Training Series is designed to specifically help you create a successful business that fulfills your authentic role in the world, while generating the kind of income you desire and deserve! If you’re a heart centered entrepreneur, you’ve probably grown tired of the hustle and bustle of trying to make your business successful.

You started your business with the hope and promise of changing lives. But the only thing that keeps changing is your bank account and your energy level. They both keep getting lower and lower. Everywhere you turn, the happy gurus and coaches are offering you their “simple six-figure systems”, “seven-figure blueprints” and “secret templates”  that promises to solve all your problems, all for the 5 easy payments of $999.

You’ve even tried a few of them.  But not only didn’t these strategies work, they also felt phony, manipulative and not authentic to who you are as a woman.  This way of doing business simply does not work for everyone. Especially the Awakened Entrepreneur. What if you could find away to market and run your business in alignment with your core values, serve your clients in integrity, all while earning great money…would you be willing to try it?

I’ve helped clients get MASSIVE results…yet remain in alignment with their truth. So if you’re ready to increase your impact, influence and  income, then Welcome to The Awakened Entrepreneur Online Training Program.

Program at-a-Glance: 

In this program, Angela Carr Patterson will teach you her 4 Foundational Pillars for Business Success.  The online program consists of 4 modules and each module has training audios and downloadable worksheet templates. Each lesson is designed to bring you closer to creating success in your business. Easy to follow, user friendly and powerful content that will yield amazing results. The 4 Modules Are: 


The first kick-off call is on Money. Because money is one of an entrepreneur’s biggest on going struggle in business. Learn how money works, identify your money barriers and beliefs, start to create more money in your business and experience the success that’s rightfully yours. Then followed by two more powerful teachings on money, you are sure to transform your relationship with money and create more revenue in your business. 


Your mindset is your biggest ally to creating success in your business. In this session, you will learn how to gain a new mindset for success. Angela will give you strategies on how to install new programming to hard wire you for success. 


Learn some simple keys to managing your business and managing yourself that will create more productivity in your business, eliminate overwhelm and increase your bottom line. A must for every serious entrepreneur. 


It has been said that you can have a great product/service, but if no one knows about it, you will fail. Marketing is one of most important pillars to your business success. Not just any kind of marketing, but the right kind that will cause your ideal clients to want to pay you for your services and products. Angela will break down the keys to effective marketing.

Business Income Generator Online Training Program

Angela has helped entrepreneurs learn how to generate consistent, reoccurring income in their businesses for decades. In this powerful 5-Part training, taken from a live broadcast for her 2013 VIP clients, Angela shares how you can structure your business to generate high level consistent income. While the recording was done a few years ago, this training is still powerful and the strategies are so result driven that it continues to yield massive results for today’s entrepreneur.

In this program, Angela Carr Patterson will share her result driven strategies that she uses to generate consistent, high level income and big money paydays in her business. She goes behind the scenes to help you go deeper into how money works, how to tap into the energy of money so that your business never feels the strain of money struggles again.

Program at-a-Glance: 

This program is for the entrepreneur who is ready strengthen your business strategies, turn around your marketing principles and up level your income streams. Easy to follow, user friendly and powerful content that will yield amazing results. The 5 Modules Are: 

The Fuel Source That Drives Your Business

In this audio training, you will learn how to access and up level the fuel source that drives your business. If you don’t have the right fuel source for your business, you will not be successful. Angela breaks down how to identify your fuel source, how to change it and how to use it to create massive success and income. 

Transform Yourself and Your Business

In this audio, Angela will help you to examine and identify things in your life and your business that needs to change. Understanding that your business is a living, breathing thing and an extension of you, Angela shares how you can show up in new ways and step forward in your business to create a bigger impact and generate more income. 

The Message, Money, Meaning and Marketing

This audio will help you to lay a firm foundation to build a lucrative and massive business that will generate you limitless income. Learn how to package who you are and what you do in order to attract your ideal client, put more meaning in your business and create the kind of marketing that will eventually yield you more money. .

The Energy of Money

If everything is energy, including money, and you don’t have enough of it, what does this say about you? It means you don’t have enough energy to generate enough money in your business. In this audio, Angela shows you how to tap into the right energy flow and how to move that energy to generate limitless income in your life and business. 

Putting It All Together

In this final audio, Angela shares how to build a business model that will become an income generating machine while serving others. In this  step by step process, you will learn how to build a sustainable, thriving and profitable business that will generate limitless success and income. 

Speak 2 Success Audio w/ Les Brown & Angela

Download this powerful teleconference, featuring Angela Carr Patterson, Tamara Hartley and the World’s #1 Motivational Speaker Les Brown. This audio will give you the nuts and bolts needed to skyrocket a speaking career and take it to the next level. A rare, up close and personal, in-depth teaching by 3 of the most powerful speakers in the land.

Program at-a-Glance: 

This is a downloadable MP3 designed to help you grow your speaking career. Hear from branding expert, Tamara Hartley, Global Life and Success Strategist, Angela Carr Patterson, and the world’s greatest speaker, Mr. Les Brown himself. This is program is for the entrepreneur who is ready strengthen your speaking business strategies, turn around your marketing principles and up level your income streams.