How are you doing since your new year has started? Are you still sticking to the plan? Or do you even have a plan for the new year?

There’s something about entering into a new year that makes us believe things are going to get better. And they will. When we make better choices.

There are no magical formulas for living a good life. Our lives are intended to work to the extent we align them with the Universal and Spiritual Laws that are designed to govern it.

And still interruptions and distractions show up to get us off course. I can promise that by now, you’ve already had some to show up in your life.
Yet, if you continue to handle life’s distractions and interruptions the same way you did last year, you will continue to get last year’s results.

My wish for you this week, is that you make a new choice. Choose differently. Stop being impulsive when things are not going the way you hoped or you can’t see how it will end.

Oftentimes, when things look like they are not going in our favor, we want to control the narrative and the outcome. This is not always the case or in our power to do so. But we still get anxious and make impulsive choices trying to control the direction of the situation. And we end up making things worst.

This week, I want to encourage you to notice when you start to get anxious and nervous when things look like they are not working in your favor.

Take a deep breath and ask yourself, “What am I really feeling right now and what do I really want right now?” Because oftentimes, you want to control the outcome. You want control.

Instead, settle down and wait…then proceed by make a better choice this time.

My wish for you is that you learn to trust the process and make a better choice. Then watch your results change.

Remember, Love Deeply and Live Well,