j0444802This is the time of the year when most people begin to reflect upon their lives. They are ready for something new and something better that what they’ve experienced in the current year. I know this feeling all so well.

I use to get all excited about the holidays and enjoy my family. But then when all the hoopla faded and everyone went back home, I would start to feel the depression and desperation come down on me. It would hit me hard. Sometimes I would find myself curling up on the sofa with left over cakes and pies. They were my comfort food. I can remember telling myself, “I’m gonna get this weight off after the first of year, so I can eat what I want until then.”

I would also get on the phone and see which creditor would wait until next month to get paid because I spent my payments on Christmas gifts. Then I would try to figure out how I was going to double up my payments in January. To say the least, the days after Christmas  were not that great for me.

Oh, oh…this is what was the real clincher. I would go to church on New Year’s Eve, pray and tell God how I was so grateful to see another year and how I was going to be more consistent in my relationship with Him. Then by New Year’s Day, I was back on that sofa feeling really tensed and scared. Scared because I needed money to pay overdue bills, tensed because I had gained extra pounds and couldn’t stop eating and stressed because I knew I had blown it once again.

While I had all of these negative emotions flowing through me and inside me, I would put on this mask as if I had it altogether. No one knew that my bank account was on negative, that I was insecure about my looks, that I was lonely and stuck in a rut. Because when I stepped outside of my home, I looked the part of success, I talked the part of success, I walked the part of a woman who had it going on and it was all good. So that’s what it appeared to be.

I lived that lie for years. Until one day, I said “no more!” It was tiring and exhausting to keep up this front. My clients didn’t know, my closest friends didn’t know and my family didn’t know. I was a great secret keeper and a fraud. I disguised it as “I don’t want people in my business.” No matter how you cut it, I was not authentic. I was living a lie!

As women, we can sometimes become afraid of the truth. We run away from the very things we need to face head on. We are afraid of emotional pain. We are afraid of being seen in a negative way. So we hide. We hide the truth of who we are and what we are doing. We disguise it with all sorts of psychological reasoning, “It was just not meant to be.”  We disguise it with spiritual jargon…”God is going to fix it for me. God is sending my breakthrough.”

I had reached my desperation point. There was no where else to hide. The walls were closing in and I had to do something different. If I didn’t do something different, my life would end up the same exact way, one year later. After going years of this kind of stuff, I had a defining moment.

My defining moment was when I was willing to let go of who I wasn’t, step into my power and become who I was born to be. But I couldn’t do this by myself.

 I knew that I had created this life I was now living. And if things were going to change, I needed to change. This part I knew already. But the part that was puzzling to me, was the “how to?” How do I change? What is the process? Where do I start to pull it together? Where do I find more money?  All of these questions were swarming around in my head.

Then one day, my coach showed up. Oh I resisted at first. I didn’t even want to go meet her.  In fact, I refused at first. I turned down a meeting with her. But my friend persisted that I meet this woman. I agreed only, if the meeting was a private one-on-one. Wasn’t that egotistic? Here I was broke, stuck and sick…but I was still trying to put on a front. Sometimes I have to laugh at this.

But when I met her, I knew instantly that I needed her to guide me. I needed her help and I needed it like yesterday. I didn’t know where the money was going to come from…but what I did know …I was going to find a way. I didn’t care if I had to borrow the money, steal the money…well maybe not steal it…lol…but you get my point.

It was the best decision that I ever made. This one was for me. I was the one who had to take charge of my life. I was the one who would reap the benefits and I totally deserved it. But something magical happened. When I transformed my life…the world around me did as well. It was like a ripple effect. That was years ago!

Now, as I get ready for 2013, I am excited! No depression, no worries, but so very hopeful and extremely excited!! No pretense…no mask…truly authentic!! Living my dream life and doing what I truly love and making extraordinary money doing it.

I want to help you do the same. I had to eliminate my blocks and barriers that were preventing me from moving forward. I had to change my story and I did. And the magical thing about what I did…is that you can do the same.

If you read this email as just another sales letter. As someone trying to get you to buy their services, then you definitely need to act now. That means that you have brought into the zero sum mentality and that you are living on the defense line. The defense line will cause you to resist anything that will take you away from your comfort zone. Even if your comfort zone is a total mess, you will fight to stay there.

Or, sometimes we don’t resist the help, but we want to the help to come in a way that is familiar to us. If it cost us any kind of discomfort, we are quick to say “that’s not for me.” Again, your defense are up and they will keep you stuck in a rut.

Open you heart and your mind to something new, something different and see what happens.

Are you ready to get off the up and down roller coaster of life and begin to manifest sustainable and consistent love, money, abundance and joy?

Let me have a real chat with you about how I can help you. Reply to this email via Angela@thelovelifestyle.com and type your name, contact number and the best time to reach you. I will personally call you myself and listen to your heart, then talk to you about real solutions.

But you had better act quickly because, I can only do this for a very few people.

You must make the first move by replying to this email…it’s the energy behind your effort that starts the process. I will take it from there. I want to see you soar in 2013…I know that  you can and you will. Let’s chat and make sure it happens.

Angela Carr Patterson