At the end of the day, as women we all want the same things. We want someone to love and cherish us in a way that speaks to soul of us as a woman. We also want to know that we have enough money to take care of ourselves and those we love for a long time. And more importantly, we want something meaningful to do that awakens the gifts within us and help to transform and make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

In a nutshell, we want a life and career that truly does matter and has meaning. But  just like many women, you are no where near the space that you dreamed of experiencing in your life. You’re now asking yourself, “How in the heck did I end up here? This is not what I had in mind for my life. I didn’t plan this life.”  But the truth is, you’re exactly where you need to be because you are now asking the right question.

Before this defining moment in your life, you were asking the wrong questions. Such as, “How can I be a better wife, a better mother, a better employee or entrepreneur, a better woman and how can I be of more service to others?”

What was missing from those questions? YOU!  But now that you’re here, you are asking the right question that includes YOU. Because you’ve finally recognized that YOU deserve to live the life that’s in alignment with your “Heart’s Truth”.  All before,  you were too busy organizing your life around everyone else’s needs, wants and desire that you some how forgotten, disowned and left parts of yourself on the table.

But now, you’re ready for this to shift. You’re no longer afraid to say that you want someone to love in a mutually satisfying, loving and meaningful relationship. You are not ashamed to admit that perhaps your relationship does not offer you these things anymore and you’re ready to recapture and rekindle your flame. Or maybe you’ve been lonely and have been for quite sometime, but felt that you were too old to admit that you want to be in love. Because now you know that you’re not too old for passionate love.

Are you still struggling with your relationship with money? Is it the same frustrating up and down money roller coaster you’ve been on for years? One minute you have money and the next thing you know, something comes along that sucks it all up. Either someone needs your help financially, your car breaks down, your heat/air goes out or you lose your job or that big client. You can’t for the sake of you figure out why you’re always running behind when it comes to your finances. Plus it’s too embarrassing for you to talk about it with others because you look the part of success. No one knows that you struggle with money issues.

However, this time is different. Because you’re tired of pretending that all is well. You are tired of pretending that your business is successful, that your love life is good or that your back account is full. The truth is, your love tank and bank account have been running low for a while and you’re stuck as to what’s your “Next” in your life. You don’t know what your “Next” looks like and you’re tired of trying to figure it out. Somedays, you even wonder, “Why am I still here?”

You don’t want to mask it any more. You no longer want to pretend that your life is good, because it’s not.  You’re exhausted and you’re ready to make a shift. A shift from where you are to where you know you deserve to be in your life.

And then one day, I showed up. You somehow landed in one of my Facebook groups or you received an email from me. Perhaps you heard me speak somewhere or saw my post on social media. Nevertheless, I showed up in your life. There must be a reason why. Because I only show up in people’s lives when they are ready to make a shift. You are ready for that shift because you’ve now started to ask the right questions. And I want you to know that you’re in a  good place. That which you’ve been calling a crisis is really a doorway. A doorway to your “NEXT.”

So let’s have a conversation to see if I can serve you in the space that you’re in and help you navigate to where you desire to go. The best thing about this scenario is that you’ve now come to a place where you believe that right questions deserves to be answered. Because it’s all about YOU!

Email me me at Or access my calendar at Share with me what you need and how to I can contact you. I will be in touch soon. I’m here for you.