Have you ever encountered someone who was always dealing with drama? If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Things just always seem to be going crazy in their lives. I have my hand raised because I know,  I use to be one of those people.

But I had a defining moment. I realized that if things were going to change, I had to change. For things to get better, I needed to get better. And that is exactly what I did.

I began to implement a few things in my life that helped me to rid myself of the drama and the victim-hood mentality that I was experiencing.

I began to take 100% responsibility for what was going on in my life. I stopped blaming everyone for my problems. I did this by beginning to look at ways that I was bringing the drama into my life and begin changing them.

  1. One of the ways was to stop talking to everyone who would listen to me about my problems. Most people do not  really care what’s going on in your life and the others do not care to hear it. I also recongnized that when I continued to complain and talk about the drama, I was really re-creating it over and over again. Simply put, I shut my mouth!
  2.  Next, I began to take  a closer look at what was at the core do each issue. Once I stopped re-acting to everything, I was able to take a closer look and pin point what the real issues were and deal with them. Instead of blowing everything our of proportion, I now respond adequetely to each issue with right corresponding actions.  I realized that the problems were not as big as I made them to be.T
  3. The third thing I did wad  begin to create a space for growing. I invested in a life coach and books, programs, Cd’s that all helped to re-program my mindset.  My limited, sabotaging beliefs held me captive in a life filled with problems, issues and drama.  By investing in my growth, this gave me a new perspective on how I was looking at my problems. With a new perspective, I was able to see the good in a lot of what was happening in my life. As I grew, my problems decreased, and my life began to take on a new journey. Grow yourself, grow your life became my new mantra. Today, I spend at least two-three hours a day in personal and spiritual growth practices. This has become a lifestyle for me. In return, my life has transformed and so has the drama.

While my life is not problem free by no means,  it has become drama free and I am no longer a victim of my circumstances.  I have taken responsibility for my life and it is wonderful. Life continues to happen and I may even feel some pain at times, but I no longer allow it to make me suffer. Pain is inevitible, but suffering is a choice.

I hope these 3 tips have helped to shed some light on moving beyond a drama filled life for yourself. They certainly were helpful for me. Let me hear what you think by sharing your comments below.

And remember, live authentically, laugh everyday and embrace love as a lifestyle.