I’ve been missing in action for about 10 days because I took a much needed break. After being locked down with a pandemic for over 15 months, I knew it was time. My husband and I are accustomed to traveling quite a bit, but due to the pandemic, we’ve not gone anywhere. We also have not been with our children and grandchildren for quite sometime.

Now that all of us are vaccinated, we planned a family trip to our favorite lake cabins. All of our adult children, except one, and all of our grandkids were present.  That’s my grandkids in the photo. Oh, what an amazing time we had together. 

Over the years, even before the pandemic, I reimagined my life. There were things on my “to do” list that I simply erased. Why? Because when I really got to the truth of matter, many of those things we no longer important to me. Perhaps important to other people, but not to me. As I was reimagining my life, I realized that I had been living someone else’s version of what my life was supposed to look like and be. As I reclaimed my truth and my power, I began to create a life that was in alignment with who I really was, with my truth and with God’s original design for me. Whew! What a relief to give up and let go of all these illusionary expectations that I allowed to be placed upon me.

“I Only Do Those Things That Are In Alignment With My Truth”

I love the work that I do. Yet, I only do those things that are in alignment with my truth, with my purpose and with my life. Just because the masses are doing it doesn’t mean I have to do it to be successful. So when I was reimagining my life, I was also redefining success. I discovered that I didn’t need to be known by everyone…just the few whom I was purposed to serve. I didn’t need to be a household name, I simply need to speak into those spaces with audiences I was called to serve. Little did I know that this new approach would afford me massive opportunities I never could have imagined and yes, an increase in income that I never thought was possible. All of this happening as I took on a my new philosophy of “Doing Less and Being More.”

Many in the world would have you to believe that you’ve got to run, leap, jump in order to be successful in your work. And while there is a number of things we must DO and take ACTION to reap the rewards of success, I believe a radical new way of business building is needed. That’s exactly what I’m doing and what I am teaching others how to do in my Awakened Entrepreneur’s Group Coaching Experience.

This approach allows you to build a career and a life that really matters. It would be tragic story for you to look up one day and have built this massive business, yet so sick and rundown that you can’t enjoy it. Or you’ve create a huge business, but your family has become sick and tired of you always working, having a camera in their faces and never being able to enjoy a private sacred meaningful family moment. Because the truth is, the people you say you are working so hard for, could be the very people you are neglecting the most.

“It’s Time to Reassess How You’re Living and Working”

Maybe it’s time to reassess your life and career before you jump into that next project. Perhaps it’s time get clear about what it is that you REALLY want, the kind of life that you really want to live and what’s truly IMPORTANT to you right now. In fact, I encourage you to do this. If you want some help, why not schedule a Complimentary 30-Minute Discovery Session with me where I will ask you some powerful questions that will get to the heart of what it is that you truly want in your life and your career.  I have set aside some time over the next few days to assist you with getting some clarity around your next step. I only have a few slots available, so you’d better hurry. Let’s have a conversation so you can begin to create a Life and Career that truly matters. A Life Reimagined and Success Redefined. Schedule Your Discovery Session Here!