097C2488CD5441D196A966A7E8FC8F46.ashxSpring is in the air and we are all ready to open the windows, get rid of all the old stuff and bring in some new after a winter that felt like it would never end.

You can visibly see when your home needs some deep spring-cleaning but as many busy career women, many of my client’s don’t see how spring cleaning their life is a good idea until their life is too cluttered too. Just like the studies that show that physical clutter negatively affects your ability to focus and process information, life’s stresses can clutter your mental and physical heath too. Here are my five tips for a good interior spring cleaning that will keep you sharp and focused far beyond spring for your work, family and balanced life.

Practiced daily you will notice becoming more alert, focused and energized!

1. Start your day with mediation. Sweeping out your mind of negative thoughts and emotions is something to do daily. Meditation helps to not only clear your minds, its calm your minds and reduces stress. Commit to at least 10- 15 minutes of mediation each morning before you start your day.

2. Release who no longer serves you. When you spring clean your home, you often get rid of old clothes, furniture and other household items. Do the same in your mental spring cleaning. Who are the people in your life that drain you? It’s time to release them. Many times well meaning people can drain us and bring negativity into our mental home. Decide who they are and begin to gently and lovingly release them.

3. Let go of the past and forgive. Have you ever struggled to get rid of an old sofa or worn out chair that’s been there forever just because it has been there forever? . Letting go of old offenses can feel that way too. Spring is the perfect time to let go, forgive and move your life forward. Remember forgiveness is for you and not the other person. Forgiveness says, “I’m willing to be free from other people’s junk that they’ve tried to force onto me.” It’s not your job to allow them to continue to wreck havoc in your life. Discover the lesson and move on. You cannot change the past, but you can change the way you feel about the past.

4. Close any open loops. And open loop is anything that you’ve started, but didn’t complete. When you make a promise, you have started an open loop, a new project a new loop. Every loop you have either enhances your life or drains your energy. These incompletes will add up and leave you feeling heavy, drained and prevent you from moving forward. They keep you mentally stuck and prevent you from stepping up in a bigger way in life and in your career. Close open loops quickly.

5. Most importantly, practice self love. Love is healing, love is powerful and love is the answer to every question. I see women everyday that looking from the outside live absolutely magnificent lives. They are incredibly gifted and talented, powerful and lovely, yet their internal house is not in order, they self neglect, self reject, feel unworthy and unlovable. Love is that thing that makes your mental house sparkle. Love gives your life the fuel it needs to move forward. It’s the power that awakens the brilliance within you. It’s your time to shine and love is the power that creates the magic in your life.

Spring time is the perfect time for a good mental and physical spring cleaning too. Bring new energy and vitality into your awareness and watch your life bloom before your eyes. Make a commitment to practice mental spring cleaning today. Remember, “The overflow is for others, the full cup is for yourself and an empty cup serves no one.”

Remember, live authentically, laugh everyday and embrace love as a lifestyle.

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