I did it again. I hosted another Finish Strong 2019 Mastermind this week. It was absolutely amazing to listen as the entrepreneurs shared their visions with me.


I was so eager to help them and I did. They left ready to put into action the things we discussed and I have no doubt they will finish this year out strong and move into 2020 with momentum.


One of the things that became clear to me as I navigated these 35 plus years as an entrepreneur,  was that I needed to invest in myself and my business.


Oftentimes, I encounter entrepreneurs who are so excited about building a business that they ignore doing the most important things upfront.


They run out and get a business license, an LLC or corporation, a logo, a website, business cards and start posting all over social media and telling everyone about their brand. Only to discover that their efforts were met with little to no profits.


Why is this? Because they didn’t spend enough time, money, energy, planning and formulating a solid foundation for their business. I see this all the time.
They don’t have a clear idea of who they are serving. So they try to sell to everyone. They don’t have a clear ideal of how their services/products will benefit that client because they have not studied the clients’ spending patterns to know what they really need.


They also have no clear idea of how to get their ideal client to look in their direction due to all the noise out there competing for their business.


They don’t understand how to clearly communicate their offers in a way that speaks to their prospects and help them to make a qualified decision to buy.

In other words, they have not built solid foundation to support the dream. Your business is a living breathing thing and an extension of you.


If you don’t invest in yourself, invest in your growth and expansion…and your business, it will suffer.
My mother owned a very successful business for 38 years, and she used to say, “You have to spend money to make money.” When mom retired she turned the business over to my niece, who now runs this profitable business that’s been in existence for over 50 years. Now that she’s no longer with us, her legacy still lives on in this family business.


I also understood that I had to invest in my growth and expansion if I was going to be successful. I knew that I was very talented and gifted, but I needed to be a better business woman than talented.


When I invested in a coach to up level my personal growth and up level my business skills, I became very successful.

I stop looking for the free stuff. It simply would not take me deep enough.

I knew that investing money into myself and my business would also create an energetic law of compensation in my life and business. Yet, if I only looked for the free offers, then clients and customers would only want the free offers from me as well.


I want to encourage you to make room in your budget to invest in yourself and your business. You simply cannot afford NOT to do it.


I have found the best vehicle for this has been coaching. It’s a powerful vehicle for transformation and change. There’s tons of data to support this claim.

I’d love to be that coach for you. I only had two slots for 2020 and they sold in a couple of days. So, I have opened two more slots and would love for you to have one of them.


Contact me immediately (803-920-6853 or info@angelacarrpatterson.com) to grab one of these slots.


I look forward to talking with you. Remember what my mama said, “You got to spend money to make money.”