Since the loss of my mother and brother, I began to slow things down a little. It’s amazing how life can show up and force you to realize somethings that you’ve been knowing all of the time. Yet, you continue to ignore the promptings.


You’ve heard me say that “pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice.” I don’t think I’ve ever experienced the kind of pain that I did when I loss mom and Cliff. The three of us were so very close and to lose both of them within a 9 month period felt like a horrific dream. Yet, it wasn’t. I was living this experience up close.


For a while, I didn’t know how I was going to navigate my life without the two of them.  Pain tends to get our attention. This one got mine for sure. After a time of deep reflection upon my life, I came to the conclusion that if I was going to live my life, moving forward, with any type of joy and happiness that it would be a one with more meaning and magic. This is what I call my Awakened Truth and my Awakened Life. A Life Reimagined and Success Redefined.


I had spent almost 36 years being a business owner and helping to empower and inspire others through the lens of entrepreneurship. And while I love my work and love to contribute into the lives of others, I also realized that there were other parts of my life that I had somehow left unexplored, that I had disowned, and ignored.
Today, the woman you see in me is one who is so connected to her truth, to her divinity and to her soulful purpose in life. I love being in love with my husband and doing things that lovers do. I also love being a mom to 5 amazing adult children and spending time doing things we all love and also teaching them about our family legacy, culture and valuable lessons that I know I must leave with them after I am gone. Also enjoy my girlfriend times and the sisterhood we cherish with each other. And you all know how much I love those grandbabies and being Nana to them. It’s one of the most amazing highlights of my life. Then there’s the woman within that I now put in the time to nourish her soul and nurture her body. Loving her has become so delightful and easy.


What does this all mean? It means that my focus everyday is no longer JUST being a super business woman or trying to gain more visibility, success and fame. I had to redefine what success looked like to me. It had more to do with transformation than it did with transactions. It had more to do with making sure that my business was an extension of who I was becoming and that it offered more meaning, more mastery and more magic to those I served. And as a result, it began bringing in more money.


It also meant that my focus became more about creating a space in my life that involved ALL parts of who I was and spending more time doing what I loved with the people I loved. So I reimagined my life by slowing it down to a pace whereby I could be present in each and every moment. I could sit on the floor and play with my six grandbabies and not be in a hurry to do a conference call. I could spend all day with my adult children simply playing the “Family Feud” game and laughing about incidents from their childhood, all while dropping some essential life’s nuggets to help carry them through life. And not have to run off to a meeting.  I could travel with my amazing husband and explore the world together or simply sit cuddled next to him on the sofa watching a movie and not have to think about what new marketing strategy I needed to make to fill that event. I still love working my business, it thrills me. But I had to realize there were so many other parts  and dimensions to my life that I was missing out on that could also bring me joy. You see, I didn’t want to miss it. I became so present with every moment and every experience because I simply didn’t want to miss any of it. It’s now one magical moment after another, small or big.



Why are we moving so fast? What are we chasing? Surely, we are not chasing dreams, because they don’t need to be chased. We build dreams and give birth to visions when they are ordained by God. What are we running to or from?



When I began to answer these questions honestly and authentically, it changed the game for me. It changed the lens in which I saw my life. Nothing was the same anymore and neither was I. I also realized that many others were starting to feel the same way. They wanted so much more. They were asking, “Is this it? Is this all to my life?”


What about your life… are you pondering some of the same questions? Are you willing to make the shift? What’s the most treasured part of your life that you want to explore and experience? What would it mean for you to get up everyday without being tied to a rigid “to do” list and a bunch of demands? What would it take for you to have more freedom, more joy, more meaning, and more magic and YES, more money in your life? Why not take a moment and answer these probing life changing questions?


I had to make the shift in my life. I literally simplified my life in order to amplify it. Somethings just no longer worked for me. It may have worked for others, but not for me and that’s what mattered most. Because I was no longer willing to live my life by what others thought it was supposed to be.


Today, my new life consists of me living it freely and fully with intention, flexibility, love, abundance, meaning and joy. It’s not pain free and nor is it perfect. But it’s just what God has ordered and ordained for me in this season. And frankly speaking, that’s really more than enough for me.


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