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Make 2020 Your Year for Love!

A No None Sense Direct Approach to Making Love Work!

We all want our stories to begin with “Once upon a time…and we long to experience …”our own happily ever after.” But for many women, by the time we reach adulthood, our “happily ever afters” are any thing but happy. The middle of our stories have become filled with grief, pain, betrayal and heartbreak. Yet, we still keep trying to find that prince charming to ride off into the sunset with and what we keep getting are the frogs. “While there are many frogs among us, sometimes the frog just needs the awakened princess to know the formula for transforming love.”

Are you ready to look at all parts of yourself to make the necessary shifts for true love? It’s only natural for women to want romance and love. We love to love. There’s nothing more radiant than a woman who is in love. Love opens us up like a blossomed flower. In a world where we’ve been broken, hurt, betrayed, and afraid to trust again; how do we find, sustain and keep true lasting love?  Or do we simply settle for good enough, when we know good enough won’t get us through the difficult times?

This is the question that is asked by many women around the world. Some women want to experience meaningful, deep connections in their existing relationship and others want to learn how to open their hearts to love again and experience lasting bliss. You can find both at The Love Story Women’s Circle.

My Story… 

I know what it feels like to want to be loved and cherished. Yet, only to be hurt, betrayed and broken. After my first marriage ended in divorce, I had to find out what happened. It took me years to identify my love blocks, to breakthrough my barriers to love and heal. Today, I’m happily married to wonderful man who loves and cherishes me for who I am. But I also understand that it takes a lot of self discovery to make love work. Over the years, I have coached others to successfully make love work and now I’m ready to do the same for you. Known to many as the Love Lifestyle Coach, I have crafted a result driven, no none sense approach, using my own personal experiences along with proven scientific methods and spiritual awakenings to help you redefine, rekindle and rewrite your love story.

The Love Story Women’s Circle

Everyday we run into women who are in a love crisis. They’re either trying to find love, keep love or get rid of love. Love has become a cultural obsession. With the rise of the online relationship love gurus, dating sites and tv love doctors, you would think we’d have this love thing down to a science. But the truth is, women are still struggling to make love work.

Why is it that so many people say they want the same things: love, intimacy, companionship, friendship and mutual trust, yet, we only find betrayal, pain and brokenness in our relationships?

I believe it’s because we’ve not identified and unlocked the hidden secrets to making love work.

By becoming a member of The Love Story Women’s Circle, you will learn how to identify your barriers to love, to increase your love thermostat, release what no longer serves you so that you can redefine and rewrite a new love story for your life.

Join me and spend a few hours a month learning how to make love work. I want you to know that not only is love possible for you, it is inevitable.

A Love Story Experience

Whether you’re single, divorce, widowed, married or it’s complicated, this is just for you. This is an online interactive experience filled with lots of fun, ah ha moments and breakthroughs. Coupled with several live hands-on-events, we are going to help you to access your POWER to redefine the kind of love that will ignite a love story that’s fulfilling and meaningful. This is a deep dive into the internal landscapes of what keeps us from experiencing the kind of love we deserve and then learn how to shift into a heart space where love can truly find us.

Identify Your Love Archetype

Take a deeper look into the patterns, behaviors and beliefs that could be creating barriers and blocks in your relationships and then discover the tools needed to breakthrough these patterns in order create a more fulfilling loving relationship.

Crack the Man Code

Angela spent two years interviewing men from all walks of life for her upcoming book and video series, “Love Redefined”, and they have helped her to crack the man code when it comes to relationships, love and marriage. Angela will share with you what she’s learned and how you can take this information to make love work in your relationships.

Stages of a Relationship

There are different stages to every relationship that we all experience. The key to successful relationship building is knowing what actions and behaviors we must align ourselves within each stage to truly experience real lasting love. This is the turning point in every successful relationship.

When Love Calls Your Name

One of the things that can prevent us from experiencing true love is that we don’t always recognize love when it calls. And for many of us, we do recognize it but we unconsciously find ways to sabotage it. You will learn how to recognize true love and how what to do in order to receive love into your life forever. 

5 Secrets to Making Love Work

We can all have mutually, satisfying, harmonious loving relationships that last. But we must first unlock the hidden secrets to making love work and that’s exactly what you will learn in this session.

Baggage, Sex, Love & Trust

In this session, we will learn the tools for unpacking and releasing baggage, creating better sex, more love and trust in our relationships. In this hands-on-interactive session, you will learn that not only is Love possible for you, it’s inevitable.

Saying Yes to Love

Oftentimes we push love away without knowing it. We unconsciously do things to sabotage love until we learn new ways. You will learn how to give an unconditional yes to love when it arrives and remove the blocks, barriers and beliefs that have prevented you from the love experience. 

This experience is for you…

If you keep attracting emotionally unavailable partners.

If you are not feeling loved for who you are.

If you want to learn how to ask your mate for the affection you need from him.

If you don’t feel as attractive as you once did.

If you are constantly having to sacrifice yourself for the good of the relationship.

If you’ve given up because you believe you were meant to be alone in the world.

If you want to learn how to be more loving towards your mate.

If you want to attract a loving partner into your life.

If you want to lean how to talk about what’s bothering you in the relationship and stop holding it in.

If you’re ready to learn how to make love work!



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