A Facebook Live 2-Part Series

June 20 & June 21st @ 9PM EST


What We Tell Ourselves…

As women,  we constantly tell ourselves such things as, “If I could just acquire more money — then I will be happy.” But are people with more money any happier than the rest of us?

We also tell ourselves, “If I could only find the right person to love, then I would be happy.” So we search for someone who our heart tells us is the right person — and we experience some pleasurable moments, then the relationship gradually deteriorates.

No matter what your situation, for every woman, the deep yearnings of our hearts are the same.


“What women really want is to experience a true sense of Security and Safety in our lives.”


This is the heart beat of every woman. We want to know that we have enough money to provide for our needs and to take care of our families for a very long time–we want our money to last.

We also want to know that someone loves us for who we are and that they will stay with us forever–we want our relationships to last.

Nothing causes women more grief and pain in life than their relationship with love and their relationship with money.


Because How We Do Love is How We Do Money!


The same emotional triggers behind our relationship issues are the same emotional triggers behind our money issues.  Women tend to feel safe and secure when they are in love and when they have money. But if they are heart broken and broke, they tend to feel unsafe and insecure. It’s time to change this forever.


It’s Time to Stop Pushing Love and Money Out of Your Life!


I Struggled!

For years, I struggled to make my life work. I struggled in my relationship with love and in my relationship with money. I thought it was personal failure on my part. But I soon discovered it was so much deeper.

I was able to retrace my money and relationship issues and patterns to something that a lot women have in common…Fatherlessness or a Flawed Father-Daughter Relationship.  As I unearthed and uncovered these core issues and found ways to dismantle, deconstruct and destroy them from my life, I was also able to heal my and transform my relationship with love and money.

Now my love tank and my bank account remains full. I want to share with women everywhere how to transform their relationships with love and money through my upcoming Love and Money Evolution 2 Part Facebook Live Series.

I am no longer willing to watch women struggle with relationship and money issues when they don’t have to. It’s time to evolve and the only way to do this is to go deeper. If you’re willing and ready…I want to help you. 



What You Will Learn:

Making Love Work

Identify “ONE” hidden thing that is preventing women from experiencing the kind of love they truly deserve. I will help you to increase your internal love thermostat set point which will result in you becoming a love magnet attracting the kind of love you want and deserve. You will also learn 3 keys to making love work that’s sure to transform your relationships forever. 

Master the Money Game

Discover these two hidden, unrecognizable money traps that have been pushing money out of your life. Then learn “One Tool” you can start using today that will heal and transform your relationship with money in the next 30 days. It’s time that you learn the internal money game.

Transform Your Relationship with Love & Money

It’s time to get off the love and money up and down roller coaster. Learn the deeper reasons and the root of why your relationship seems to be going well and you’re finally earning good money, then all of a sudden your relationship spirals down and your bank account starts to dwindle. I will show you how to stop these reoccurring patterns from happening again and again so that you can fill your love tank and bank account.

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