I have been a full time entrepreneur for over 33 years. For 23 years, I owned and operated a full service performing arts center for kids and teens. The final two years of running the center, I began to feel restless. I didn’t know where this restlessness was steaming from. Nevertheless, I continued to successfully run my company.


Still I couldn’t shake this feeling of restlessness. There were times when I felt really depressed, yet, nothing in my life warranted this feeling. I felt tired all of the time and even confused. This roller coaster of emotions went on for sometime. It wasn’t until I really began to pay close attention and slow it down to do some deep prayer and meditation, that I was able to discover what was happening. I was suffering from “The Divine Ache.”


Now, you are probably wondering “What is The Divine Ache?” The Divine Ache is when you are being propelled, moved or even pulled into your next level of offering, of service, of contribution to the world. When this pulling begins to build up inside of you, it makes you feel very agitated, frustrated and confused. You may even feel sick like I did. But there was nothing wrong with me! I just was in the “Ache.”


You see I believe that everyone is born with unique gifts of wisdom, service, commitment, and promises that we’ve been assigned by God to deliver to the world. These gifts are wrapped inside our divine vision for our lives. Our purpose here on the planet is to deliver these gifts fully through the meaningful work we do and the way we live our lives in the world. In other words, we must deliver our all of gifts before we leave this world. Many of us have not yet made all of our deliveries. When this happens, we begin to feel the pressure of “The Divine Ache.” It’s an ache. I was in the ache and so are many others.


While, I was doing what I felt God had given me to do with my performing arts center and impacting the lives of many, there was yet another level that I had not gone. I was good at what I was did. I had a lot of success and I was very comfortable there. This is where we get confused. Because why would we leave something that we know works and others are being blessed from it?


Because you have more inside of you waiting to be birthed…that’s why. Your work is not complete. It doesn’t matter if you are touching the lives of hundreds of people if you were supposed to reach millions. It simply means you are falling short of your fullness. Just as the UPS man must make all of his deliveries before he returns the truck back to the office empty, so must we return to our Creator, when we die, empty of our gifts. We must make ALL of our deliveries before we leave this world. In a nutshell, I had more deliveries to make.


I suffered from The Divine Ache because my vision was gestating inside of me and it was beginning to get heavy. The more I ignored the ache, the heavier it became and the more restless I felt. I finally said, “yes” to the vision, to the assignment and boy did the real fun begin.


I literally had to go through what I call the 5 Cycles of The Divine Ache. It’s in these cycles we grow our wings, we gain our courage, we expand and allow our emergence to take place. It’s our True Awakening These cycles are filled with “Invisible Roads” because when you are to always sure what your next level looks like. Your cycling through takes courage and faith. Yet, when you reach the final cycle, The Awakening, your life will never be the same.


Over the past year, I have been sharing these 5 Cycles of The Divine Ache with audiences all across the US. I have been amazed to learn that so many men and women are living in “The Divine Ache.”. They feel stuck, frustrated, confused, restless and even tired. They know that something is off and they sense that something is trying to emerge from within them. They simply don’t know what to do.


This is where I come in. I show up in people’s lives when they are ready for their next level. This is such a timely message to share with the world. You see, our time has come to give birth to our collective next level visions. Our world is in a crisis. The great thing about a crisis is that it always proceeds transformation. Every problem comes bearing it’s own solutions. And where does these solutions live? Inside of each of us waiting to be given birth. Your Divine Ache is the signal that birth needs to take place.


In my upcoming book, Living in The Divine Ache…Giving Birth to Your Next Level is due to be released on January 1, 2018. In the book, I will share how to navigate through The 5 Cycles of the Divine Ache. I will also even share how people like Oprah Winfrey, Mother Teresa, Steve Harvey and Martin Luther King, Jr. all suffered from The Divine Ache.


I will be launching my book tour in starting January 2018. If you have an organization, community, company, business, educational institution or an upcoming event in 2018, why not consider booking me to come and share this important and relevant message with your audience. It’s one of the most important messages of this era. It’s also powerful, entertaining and transformative.


Please contact me at speak@angelacarrpatterson.com to get the details. Be sure to hurry because dates are filling quickly. I look forward to hearing from you.