One day I was riding in the car just thinking about how much I have changed since starting this awakened life journey.  My life has really changed and so have I. Nothing is the same. And neither am I.  I am clearer about who I am and what I want and I truly love myself authentically. For those of you who know my story, you also know this journey began in 1994 when my friend asked me the question that would change my life forever. She asked me, “What do you want?”

It was at that moment, I realized I couldn’t answer the question. I didn’t know what I wanted because I had no clue of who I really was. I know exactly who I am today. I say today,  because I am constantly evolving and emerging. This is not a one time occurrence, it’s an ongoing process and experience. So, who I am today just may expand tomorrow. The one thing that remains true is that I will continue to allow this expansion and emergence to take place in my life.

There were a few things I needed to do for this to take transformation to happen:

1. Go deeper spiritually. I know that my relationship with God has to be my first priority. Because it’s my oneness with the Divine that makes me who I am. I’ve learned to see myself as a divine being and become more spiritually identified and not body identified. My intentions each day is the be more focused on seeing things through the eyes of God and live from that space.  Whenever I find myself slipping, I simply atone, self correct and remember who I am. This is the key to my evolution.

2. Create the space for constant growth. When the farmer plants the acorn in the ground, he’s not placing just an acorn, he’s planting an oak tree. The key to the growth of that acorn becoming an oak tree is the proper conditions must be met. There has to be sunlight, rain and good soil for the acorn to emerge one day as an oak tree. So it is with you and I.  We must create the proper environment for us to realize our full potential in life. This means we need the surround ourselves with the right people, feed our souls the right kind of information and engage in activities that will yield us our intentions. For me, this means reading everyday, listening to powerful teachers everyday, meditating, praying and talking with people who inspire and uplift me. This means being involved with a great coach and being part of a mastermind group.  These things creates a space for me to grow into my full potential.

What are you doing to make sure your life continues to grow and expand onto new levels of infinite possibilities? It’s the month of July and we’ve crossed over into the second half of 2018. How will you finish this year strong?

Are you really happy? Is your life what you’d hope it would be at this stage of the game? Are you ready to play a bigger game? What if there was a way for you to live your life bigger and  better? What if I told you that it could be done by “Doing Less and Being More?”

I want to encourage you to make a decision…to choose to live your best life. Why not say to yourself, “I’m making a choice to do something to enhance my life…to take me higher, to create a more expanded version of myself and my life.” Now that you’ve declared it…it’s time to do it.