4-destinyIt’s hard to believe that Spring is already here. March 21st marked the first day of Spring, even though in some parts of the country it doesn’t feel like it. This year seems to be going really quickly. We Christians just celebrated Easter and it feels like we just celebrated the New Year.  

As I sit at my desk reflecting upon how quickly time appears to be moving, I am also reminded of the friends and loved ones I’ve lost in these four short months.  It’s more than I care to think about.  But it’s a heavy reminder of how short life can be on this earth. 

We hear these words spoken often, but do we really believe that life is short?  If we truly believed that our time here on earth is limited, then we would live our lives differently.

We would spend more time loving each other instead of bickering and fighting. We would spend more quality time with the people we love instead of busying ourselves with things that are not as important.  If we believed that life is short, we would spend more time laughing and doing the things we love, instead of remaining on a job or in a relationship that sucks the life right out of us. 

In a word, I would like to ask you, “why?” Why do you settle for your life “as is?” Why do you sit around and wait on the perfect time,  instead of moving in the direction of your dreams today? Why don’t you move towards what inspires you, what expands you and what makes your heart leap with joy? You have the right to choose in favor of your heart’s desire. It’s okay to choose “you.”    

Give yourself permission to write that book, to take that dream vacation, to launch that idea or business, to take a risk on love and to live your dreams.  Or perhaps you want to call that long lost friend you’ve been thinking about, tell someone you love and appreciate them or simply do the happy dance! Whatever you’ve been waiting on, putting off or procrastinating to do, it’s time to step up and do it now.

 Don’t allow another four months to pass and you not honor what you really want in your life. In a quick moment things can change. We only have this present time, so make this one moment count for something.  Because you deserve it and life really is short.