You’ve heard me say that life is not easy, but it is simple. Our lives are intended to work when we align with the universal, natural, and spiritual laws that governs life. Learning to take our cues from these laws, we learn how life truly works. They hold the secrets to the success. I like to say that, “Life is a Mystery that we unfold through Mastery.”

The Universe is a self organizing system that works whether you and I agree with it or not. You may believe with all of your heart that you can fly. But if you get on top of a tall building and jump without a parachute, you will fall and perhaps die or hurt yourself badly. Because one of the laws of gravity is at work. It will work whether you agree or believe it. It follows the natural flow. You can make these laws work for you when understand them or you can allow them to work against you when you have no knowledge of how to operate within the laws.

Another natural law at work is when the embryo becomes a baby, the caterpillar becomes a butterfly, and the acorn becomes an oak tree, so can you become the highest and expanded version of yourself as well. The embryo, the caterpillar, and the acorn didn’t need any help from outside influences to make their transformation into their full potential state of the baby, butterfly, and oak tree.

The only thing that was required for this self organizing system to yield the highest results, was the right environment and right conditions in place. Within those spaces designed for the transformation, each living thing had to align with a process. This process was a natural law. To defy any parts of the process, the law, the intended results would fail.

Our lives are much the same. We must create the right space, which I believe is the human heart. When our hearts are filled with love and compassion and void of hate and fear, we have created the proper environment for our lives to soar. Then as we align our love filled hearts with the laws that governs the processes of life, we thrive.

The system is rigged in your favor when you master the laws that governs the system. God’s system…that is. When we truly get this, we will Awaken our Lives.

My Wish for You This Week is that you become Aware of the laws that governs life. Study them, then begin to Align with these laws. This is how you live an Awakened Life.

Like I said before, life is not easy. But it is simple. It’s The Awakened Life. A Life Reimagined and Success Redefined.

Until next time, Love Deeply and Live Well.–ACP