It’s true. We are facing some unthinkable challenges, uncertainty and chaos. For many, this has felt as if the rug has been pulled from under you. But I want to remind you that we’ve been through a lot of strange and unthinkable times before and we made it. And we will get through these times as well.


We can’t always look to our leaders and the government to save us…we must learn to save ourselves. As I listen to the experts tell us how to be proactive when dealing the virus…I am reminded of what my grandmother and mother told us growing up.


1. Wash your hands…we heard this over and over again. 2. Keep your hands out of your face. My mom used to tell me this all the time. 3. Clean up and put some a little Clorox in that water…we grew up with Clorox…cleaning everything from door knobs, light switches, pouring a little in our dish water and more. 4. Go to bed…the days of old were not spent staying up all night binge watching your favorite shows. Our parents knew that getting the proper sleep and rest kept the body’s immune system strong and that sleep repairs the body. 5. Open your mouth…and in my mouth went a heaping table spoon full of cod liver oil chased with some orange juice. This was given to us every single morning, especially during the winter months. My grandmother used to say, that cold, flu or pneumonia couldn’t stick to our lungs because we took this nasty stuff. But the truth is…we NEVER got a cold or the flu. 6. Eat your vegetables. We always had fresh veggies on our plates everyday…fast food was like a delicacy because we only ate it on special occasions. We ate from our own kitchen.


My point is, you already know what to do to keep yourself safe and healthy. Some of these ideas that I’ve shared may be too old school and may not appeal to you. That’s okay. I simply want to remind you that we all know how to survive. We’ve done it before and we will do it again.


Don’t allow fear to grip you and keep you from living your life. Take the necessary precautions, but also move with the confidence that God will take care of you. Move with the knowing that you will get through this.


As humans, we don’t like living between the knowing and the unknowing. But it’s a space where we can ONLY trust and depend on God and that’s a good place to be.  I can assure you that on the other side of this crisis there will be some amazing lessons, blessings and growth for us all.


Remember to secure the children and don’t allow them to constantly listen to the news media or hear you talking about this a lot. Don’t language your life with negative words. Learn to language your life with words that give power, inspiration and hope.  All our little ones need to know is that you will keep them safe. That it will be okay. Reassure them, make this time feel like an adventure.


Now, I want you to take nice deep breathe. Grab you some tea, kick your feet up and relax and get some rest.


Remain calm. You got this. Our God Still Reigns!