Many don’t know your name. You don’t own a business, you don’t have a brand and you’re not a social media influencer. No one really recognizes you out in public.

BUT! What you do is needed by many. You empower and encourage others through the phone calls you make, the text messages you send out, the voicemails you leave. You do what appears to be small gestures, yet these things encourage others to stay the course and never give up. You know the right times to call, the right things to say and do. Through powerful conversations, you’ve talked many off the ledge, given others hope and healing through your prayers.

You give your time, your resources and your love for humanity. You never talk about what you do, you don’t post it on social media or boast about it, even to your closet friends. You never make a big deal out of it, you don’t post it on social media and never tell anyone the things that you do. So many benefit daily from the things you do in for them. Your moves are subtle and quiet, yet intentional.
Who are you? You are God’s chosen one…God’s mouthpiece in the world. You are the light of the world—like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden. You are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works.

It’s in the those quiet moments, that you’ve even shed some tears, wanted to give up at times, but your commitment to God’s promises kept you going. You’ve held a place for everyone else to shine. But who is holding a space for you? The time has come for you to reap your rewards.

So I will close with what song writer has said and dedicate these words to you:
“Hang in there and prepare yourself for your blessing. It’s your time now. You have waited for so long. But you held on, you were strong. And for your faithfulness. It’s your time. Because you hung in there when times got hard. And when it seemed like nobody cared. You kept right on working. You kept right on doing good things. And for your faithfulness. And for your faithfulness, it’s your time. He told me to tell you, it’s your time.Lyrics from It’s Your Time by Luther Barnes.