images-1Today is the mid-term election and I want to encourage you to get out and exercise your right to vote. For years, women were not allowed to vote. As an African American woman, I remember hearing stories from my family about how we were not given the right to vote either.

While I don’t remember these times and many of you don’t either, it’s important for you to know that many lives were sacrificed and much pain and hard work was given in the name of justice. So that you and I could exercise our voice and our rights. I will never tell you “how” to vote because I believe that is solely your personal choice. But I will encourage you to vote. As women, we love to talk. When you vote, you have spoken and someone may just hear you.¬†That’s me on left sporting my “I Voted Sticker.” I would love to see yours. Please share your in the comments below.