I’ve been coaching women to gain personal power for over two decades. It has been my personal mission to help others begin living their dreams without boundaries and with joy and abundance!!

I realized a long time ago that going after your dreams and living your purpose makes for an exciting and extraordinary life. Yet, everyday I hear women say to me how unhappy, unsatisfied they are with their lives. Many are searching to find their niche’ or their passion in life; many are struggling with trying to make their relationships work; and then there are those who are suffering through money issues. Whatever your challenge maybe today, there is always a solution.

But what are you willing to do about it? It really puzzles me  to hear a woman say, “I know I need to do something, because__________________ is going on in my life.” They fill the blank with a never ending list of problems and issues that they are struggling and suffering with every day.  I use to sit and listen to this list, but now after the second item on the list, I stop them. Because here’s the deal, you either want a solution to the problem or you don’t. Stop wearing out your friends, family and co-worker’s ears with the never ending whining and complaining. Do something to change it!

Stop talking about what’s wrong and start telling a new story. If  you don’t know how to solve it, then get  help.  Certainly sitting around and whining to everyone about how wrong you have been done and how bad things are does not help. Playing the victim will only render you powerless and create more of what you don’t want in life.

When you get tired of your situation, you will do something about it. It’s like the dog sitting on the nail and howling all night. Someone asked the dog’s owner, “what’s wrong with your dog? The owner replied, “he’s sitting on a nail.” They said, “why don’t you take him off the nail?”  The owner then replied, “I figured when he gets tired of the nail hurting him, he will move.” We either want a change, a solution, a transformation, or we want the attention we get when we complain. There’s no beauty in suffering and complaining. It certainly isn’t attractive. Not only is this unattractive, it is also repelling.

In today’s world,  there are tons of solutions being offered every single day  via the Internet. There are more life coaches, online programs, events, teleconferences, online communities, blogs, books and more,  that answers life’s most challenging issues.  Yet we continue to remain stuck in our ruts. Our lives can be different today…if we choose to accept the answers that are being shown to us. Choose differently now…and stop that complaining!! It really is unattractive!!

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