I cannot remember a time in my life when I wasn’t on a journey of evolution. It has been at least thirty years when I began to discover that I needed more in my life and that life had to be more than what I was experiencing. I can truly say that my priority in life is my personal and spiritual growth.

It is also my life’s work to encourage others to do the same. Understanding that growth and expansion is essential to the evolution of the planet and it all starts within each of us. However, I have noticed that many people become stuck in their process because they are unwilling to move onto new levels. You cannot use last year’s revelation for this year’s circumstances. We think that we can live our lives on the knowledge we received twenty years ago and never learn anything new.

You are expanding and you cannot use what worked last year on today’s issues. We’ve got to find more knowledge and more inspiration. Trying to hold onto something old and trying to use it now, can distort your growth.

I want to encourage you to seek more growth, seek more inspiration, seek more knowledge because it truly is time to move to a new space.