Giving birth to your ideas, to a  business, to a relationship or a vision is like giving birth to a baby. You dilate, then you contract. You dilate, then you contract again. As painful as it may feel, it’s a necessary rhythm for reaching the ultimate goal of openness. The pain of childbirth is more tolerable when we realize where the pain is leading us.

Giving birth to ourselves, to new ideas is a lot like giving birth to a child. The idea is conceived, then it incubates. But after the incubation period is over, we must give birth. If we don’t give birth, then the baby dies. The ideas are aborted.  What are you holding within you that you are refusing to give birth to? I realize that it can be difficult and it may even be painful, but you’ve got to push anyway. As you push, know that at end of that experience will be a vision of beauty for everyone to behold.

Our visions and our ideas are not just meant to only serve us, but they are meant to serve the world as well. Stop waiting on someone to help you or for the perfect time to arrive. Start pushing and as you began to push, God will send you the appropriate midwives needed to help you complete the birthing process. I want to caution you however, that the same midwives who helped you during the birthing process, maynot be the same people who will help you nurture, develop and mature that vision or idea.

Many times, we become discourage because people leave and only stay with us for a short period of time as we are building our visions. But it is important to know that not everyone will remain with you throughout the entire journey. So stop allowing shifts, changes and transisitions to challenge you. Flow with them, knowing that they were all a part of the process and a divine plan. 

It’s time to get started. So PUSH!!

Remember, Live Authentically, Laugh Everyday and Embrace Love as a Lifestyle.

What did you think of this blog? Let us hear your comments. What vision or idea are you holding within and afraid to give birth to?