dreamstime_xs_23593543Let’s face it! Building a successful business can be difficult sometimes. Especially for women. With the pressures of caring for a family, cooking, cleaning, laundry, playing taxi and trying to build a business, a woman can become overwhelmed.

Then we have to deal with our own set of issues that prevent us from over giving in our serves and under charging in our prices. We simply have not been programmed to do it differently. No one has told us that it’s okay to make great money while serving.

Over the years, I’ve coached and strategized with women entrepreneurs to help them move from struggle to thriving within their lives and businesses. Because our lives are tied to our business. Our business is an extension of who we are. If we don’t understand this, we will continue to struggle.

For years, I struggled in my business. I started my first company in 1985 and I struggled so hard to even pay the rent on my building. I thought if I was good at what I did, that people would knock down my doors and pay me. People did show up, they did become my clients, but they didn’t want to pay me. I found myself lowering my prices because I thought at least I would earn something instead of nothing.

I did this for years. I worked so hard and I was dang on good at what I did. That’s why folks continued to patronize my business. Yet, I had earned a reputation for “working with you” on the price. I finally realized that I couldn’t keep a business alive this way.

I also realized that if I wanted to grow my business and create income to support my lifestyle, that it had to be something missing that I didn’t know. Before coaching was even considered a career, I hired a coach. We called it a mentor. Someone whose brain I could pick.

I did this for years. I spent money I literally didn’t have. But I knew my talent alone would not get me to success. I learned how to build my business on what I call  The 4 Pillars of Success: Mindset, Marketing, Money and Management. Back then there was no Internet. I had to pay for advertisement. I had to create TV commercials, newspaper ads, radio ads and find ways to get media coverage. I had to go to meetings. No face time or Skype was available. I didn’t get my first website until 2008. I worked long hours, even with children, even after my divorce from my first husband. As a single mom, I had to provide for my family. It was not a choice. I learned how to do this and it was absolutely wonderful to know that I could have time and money freedom running a business full time.

Nowadays, things are so much easier. The Internet has changed everything. Yet, when I talk to women who are in business and they are not earning any real money, it saddens me. Because I know something is missing. Almost everyday, I receive a phone call, text, or email from someone needing advice about their business. They say things like, “I just want to pick your brain,” or “I want to follow you.”

I chuckle because I know then why they are struggling. They don’t fully understand the law of fair exchange. Recently, I took a survey of approximately 200 women entrepreneurs. They all were struggling with the same issues and seem to be in a rut. Their business  appeared great from the outside, yet, they were not thriving financially. They were busy doing a lot of great stuff but their profit margin was small. They were running from one FREE online course after another. Yet, still no real results. It’s time to change that pattern. It simply will not work. It hasn’t worked. You need a program that’s not “cookie cutter. ” But one that’s tailored for you as a woman. One that considers who you are and your divine purpose. www.ourmasterclass.com

Because I truly want to help and see women entrepreneurs succeed, I’ve decided to do something that I’ve never done before…and I promise, I will NEVER do it again.

I have decreased the cost of my Platinum Elite Business Program by 90%. This is a program that I’ve facilitated for the past few years to help entrepreneurs build six figure income and beyond.  www.ourmasterclass.com. I revamped the program a little and changed the name to: Global Women’s Entrepreneurial Master Class. This is a year long program that will show you how to shift from struggle to success in a relatively short time.

We will dive deep into what’s keeping women stuck and show you how to truly build a massive successful business without overwhelm, but with ease and grace.

It’s important for women to succeed. Studies show that women who succeed are prone to invest more in their communities. We need this more now than ever before.

Check out the details at www.ourmasterclass.com. You’d better hurry because this offer is for a limited time only and for a limited number of women. This is not some cheesy sales tactic. I don’t do those. This is real, the offer will not last long and I will never have this offer again.

If you are ready and really serious about 2016 being radically different for your business, this is your chance to make it happen. Enroll now www.ourmasterclass.com