1Have you noticed lately that women are finding themselves yearning for life purpose, chosen work, and a vocation that expresses our unique creativity for the good of self and the larger human family? We’re starting to sense that something new is truly trying to emerge within us.

We’re becoming restless because there’s a knowing within that’s speaking to the very core of you as a woman. It’s calling for something deeper to be expressed through you. I call this “Women Rising.

It’s showing up in ways which you may not be able to explain. Your relationships are having conflict, your love tank feels empty, your bank account seems to dwindle down faster each month, your business feels stuck and your job is no longer fulfilling. Yet, somewhere inside of you, you sense it’s time to make a move. A move that will shake the very foundation of everything you’ve ever known and catapult you into a new life filled with promise and destiny. Your destiny awaits you.

You know that some people will not like it, but you sense that you must make shift. It’s Leap Time and It’s Rise Time!

We are awakening to the realization that we can become who were are destined to be. We are being pulsed by God towards a new stage of growth and expansion. Part of this pulse is women connecting, collaboration and community. The breakdown of every old way of doing, knowing, relating, governing and believing.

Far too long we have been going after the wrong thing. We’ve been going after bigger, better and more. Yet, it’s not delivered to us what we truly want or need. I believe that until we get clear about WHO we really are, we will not see our dreams realized to their fullest. But when we Know who we really are, everything else will manifest automatically.

I am so ready to Rise. What About YOU?

Share w/ Me Why You Are Ready to Rise!