“Change is inevitable, growth is intentional.”–Glenda Cloud

session4Women are starting to notice somethings about their lives. They are beginning to pay attention to what’s showing up in their lives, to who’s showing up and why.

I truly believe this awakening among us is happening because we are starting to believe that somewhere within each of us is a powerful, magnificent, fabulous creative being that’s capable of so much more than we’ve allowed ourselves to experience. We are coming to know that we do have the power to change our lives and we now have the intense desire to go along with it.

Before now, we have been deceived into believing that we couldn’t have it all. We couldn’t be loving wives, wonderful mothers and a successful career women all at the same time. We’ve somehow held the belief that something would have to suffer if we attempted it all and for many women something did suffer. Or shall I say someone? And that someone was you.

In our pursuit to be the “I’m Every Woman”, we’ve forgotten about ourselves…until now. After experiencing feelings of isolation, loneliness, a sense of loss, feeling invisible and even feelings of being used…used up until empty, we are now declaring our truths.

We are ready to rewrite our scripts and this time on our own terms with intention, truth, purpose, clarity and love. Love for ourselves first because we now recognize that we start solving our problems when we start loving ourselves.  

We’re taking risks that we would have never taken before. We are joining tribes and communities of other like minded women, when in past times we allowed ourselves to be isolated and disconnected. 

We are moving in the directions of our passions and our dreams. Doing what expands us, what inspires us and what liberates us and makes our hearts leap with joy! 

Can you feel this movement taking place among us women? We’re becoming more engaged in our communities because we realize that we are the ones who will save them. We understand the power we have when we stand together, when we collaborate, when we hold each other up, when we cooperate instead of compete and when we include instead of exclude. I love what’s happening among women. I am excited and I am thrilled! 

Yet, I also know there are many of our sisters out there feeling this yearning, but have not taken the first step.  They can’t seem to find the courage to move forward. And much of this is because they are still afraid and they don’t know how…they simply don’t know where to begin.

They want to so badly to move from where they are and they want so badly to experience something different in their lives. For many, they just don’t know what that “something” is. They haven’t been able to dream for a long time. Yet, these women are ready once and for all to release what’s holding them back and to welcome fulfilling and meaningful experiences into their lives.

If this is you my dear sister, here’s what I would say to you…It’s YOUR TIME!! So jump…take the leap…and grow your wings on the way. 

George Shinn said, “Growth means change and change involves risk, stepping from the known to the unknown.”

You’ve got to be willing take some risk and do something new. Something like reach out and get a mentor/coach, someone you trust and is skilled enough to show you the way. Someone who will see who you can be and someone who believe in you when you can’t believe in yourself.  I want to be that person for you. The one who will stand with you and for you when you can’t stand for yourself. Connect with me today.

The next step is to get engage in a tribe or community of women who are moving in the same direction. When you are engaged in such a community, it opens and expands you to what’s possible for your life. It offers you a safe space to simply be. The Love Story Women Circle is that such place. My diamond members will hold your hand, walk the path with you and help you to be all that you can be…

Remember, if you play it safe in life, you’ve decided that you don’t want to grow any more. That’s not who or where you are today. 

If you’re ready and open to change and discovering your authentic self, do something TODAY that reinforces this intention. Then get ready to experience new levels of awareness and insights to what’s possible for you and your life. Your life can be as you’ve dreamed it could be…it’s inevitable!