invitationOftentimes, I am confronted with negative comments about the work that I do. I have even received threats such as “You think what you are doing is changing the world, but I’m evil and I will kill you.” When I read this, I had to shake my head. This is just a sample of what can happen when you step up to do what you’ve been assigned to do on the planet. You risk being ridiculed, you risk being betrayed, you risk being criticized, you risk being mis-understood, you risk being hated and disliked, you risk being lied about, and you risk being talked about. It’s all apart of the journey. But your commitment to the work you’ve been called to do has to be bigger than the criticism of a few. I am no victim and I don’t claim that space. Because victimhood renders us powerless. We’ve got to believe in the importance of what we are doing in the absence that it is making a difference.

Let’s face it! Humanity needs a shift. We are in need of a radical new direction and paradigm. It will take the efforts of all of us to do our part. It’s been said that we need many people to do grassroots great work until a tipping point is reached. Meaning what was once not done, unthinkable will become acceptable as a new reality. But before an idea can become accepted, individuals have to commit themselves to do something they feel called to do. We all have a purpose and a vision for our lives. It may take many turns, stops and detours on this journey for you to finally arrive to that space where you believe you should be. No one can tell you what that looks like for you. But what I know for sure is that never in recorded human history has the state of the human species been at grave risk than right now.

We must set aside our differences, our debates, our own agendas and find ways to come together to find solutions. We have big issues and it will take everyone of us to turn this ship around or we will head towards the iceberg. This is about a need for us to participate in the peace making change and transformation at every level. And when we do, we can make a huge difference in the world. Yet, we will never be able to make change and transformation in the world until each of us start within our own hearts. It’s not our heads that will change the world, it’s our hearts.

Stepping up to do something in the world, in your community, or in your neighborhood will cost you something. Your feelings will get hurt. Trust me they will. You will get tired and want to quit. When that happens just lean on your supporting cast and they will remind you of why you do what you do. It will take money, action and an unselfish desire to see change. I see so many of you with this desire. I watch many of you on the front line and you take a whole lot of hits. Know that I pray for you regularly. I know you need help. I understand the journey.

And we can do this through the power of 3 to the 19th power. I didn’t create this idea, but the math is accurate. Here’s how it works: If 3 people would heed this message and they tell 3 other people, we would have 9. If each of them then spread the world to 3 others, there would be 27. If each of these 27 passed along to 3 of their friends, there would be 81. If these 81 persons talked to 3 others in just 4 steps there would be 234. In 19 steps of 3 to the 19th power, this idea would reach over a billion people, 1,162,261,467!

This is how geometrical progression works. This is how a virus spread and becomes and epidemic. This is how the message of LOVE, UNITY, and PEACE can become an epidemic. I’m not talking some woo woo, pollyanna stuff. I’m talking a real plan with implementable strategies and committed hearts that we can do this.

But it will take all of us. It will take all of us willing to unite our differences, synchronize our dreams, collaborate our ideas, and not worry about who gets the credit, moving away from what’s in it for me mentality, or the zero sum mentality of “if you win, I lose.”

There has to be a new kind of commitment to making this world a better place for generations to come. It will take all of us. Just imagine what we could do together? We are so much stronger, when we are together. How can I support you? I’m here for you.