There are so many amazing people out there that are offering some incredible programs, services, products and events. It’s sometimes difficult to know which is best for you. There’s a ton of resources for how to pivot your business during this Pandemic and economic downturn.


People are posting information on how to get help, how to work together and collaborate and even how to find the cash cow in your business that you maybe over looking. I am always amazed at the genius and brilliance that you all bring to the table and how selfless you are in sharing.


While 100% of my coaching clients are entrepreneurs, I am NOT a business coach. I am a Life and Success Strategist because I believe you can’t have a career that matters without having a life that matters.


Over the years, I’ve built 3 successful companies literally from scratch. These companies have taken me around the world and afforded me the opportunities to work with some of the most powerful movers and shakers in the business world and the entertainment industry. I’ve produced events and shows in Los Angeles, NYC, Atlanta and Myrtle Beach. I’ve dined and entertained meetings with high profile celebrities, CEOs, Billionaires, and yes, mobsters. It’s definitely been a journey. And I am far from done.


Yet, as I look back on my 37 years of entrepreneurship, there’s one thing that has remain constant and that is people’s innate drive for meaning, direction, truth and purpose. There’s an inner most longing and knowing that we are here to fulfill a divine plan and purpose in our lives. And until we discover and live in alignment with this divine purpose and plan, we go through life sensing that something is missing. It doesn’t matter how much money you make, how much fame you achieve or how successful you become, you will never be completely fulfilled or happy until you tap into that sweet spot of living God’s original divine plan and purpose for your life. You may become successful in life, but you’re not WINNING.


I’ve sat across from folks who could buy anything in the world. They live like many of us dream of living. Yet, there’s a hollow hole in their soul because they are searching for something more meaningful, more miraculous and more magical in life. I call this, The Awakened Life.
While, I know how to help a client scale a company, position herself for bigger opportunities, increase revenues and plan their next level growth, I also know how to help them give birth to a brand that aligns with their divine plan and purpose in life. Because herein lies the key to sustainable, long lasting success.


Nowadays, I spend my time coaching clients from around the world, running my Fatherless Daughters Network and partnering in major national and international joint venture projects.


But the highlight of my work is when I get to teach the “Study of Life.”, where I am inspiring others to others embark upon a “A Sacred Journey to Unfold Their Soul’s Destiny.” As I move into my Legacy work as a seasoned woman over 50…headed towards 60, I am intentional about my next level calling. 


You see, we work and rest, eat and sleep, make money and spend it, have our share of pleasures and difficulties, and navigate through many life seasons and cycles. But the fundamental pursuit and discovery of our divine purpose is what brings us true, freedom, abundance, joy, rich and lasting fulfillment. This the true meaning of life.


God has given each of us a divine plan and purpose. I want to encourage you to make this your highest priority and primary pursuit in life. When you do, you will begin to experience a life of infinite opportunities and possibilities and unleash your greatest potential to shine in the world. This is our Awakened Life. A Life Reimagined and Success Redefined.