Often times I find myself unable to sleep and feeling kind of restless because I can sense something stirring deep within me. It is during those times that I get really quiet and still, so that I can begin to sense, feel and hear what is trying to emerge through me from my deeper parts.

It’s in those moments that I recognize I am pregnant with a vision and I am ready to give birth.  Sometimes I can birth that vision while staying up all night, praying, meditating and writing until clarity comes and the vision appears on paper. Then there are times when I need to solicit the help of my mentor/coach to serve as my midwife and help me give birth to the vision. Whatever it takes to bring forth the vision, I remain open to it.

What I know for sure is that all of us are pregnant and filled with vision. Many of us are aware and many of us are not. For almost 23 years I worked with youth through my performing arts center and served as a youth pastor for many years. I learned so much from the children and teenagers that I served, but one thing remained constant, the kids who were having trouble in school and with disciplinary issues were the kids who didn’t know how to dream or allow vision to come forth through them.

Through many of my result driven programs, I was able to tap into those kids and help them discover within them powerful dreams and vision. As a result, they began to excel in other areas of their lives so much until, school administrators, community leaders and even judges were calling upon me to come and work with their kids.

What I learned from those experiences  was the truth of Proverbs 29:18, “where there is no vision, the people perish.”   This doesn’t necessarily mean to physically perish, but we can perish emotionally and spiritually. As a result, we have men, women and children walking around emotionally dead because they have no vision.

How many of you are filled with vision and dreams, yet you feel that you are overdue?  You have carried this vision with you like a pregnant woman ready to give birth. But you feel stuck and unable to give birth to it.

When a woman is pregnant with a baby, she must give birth when she is at full term, because without this shift of birthing, her baby will die. And so it is with you. You must give birth to your vision.

I want to share with you 3 steps you can take to give birth to your vision.

  1. Be Still:  Many of us are addicted to being busy. We have filled our days with so many things that it is almost impossible to find time for stillness. But in order to become sensitive to God’s Voice and to sense what is trying to emerge through you, it will require times of stillness on your part. I would recommend you carving out at least thirty minutes first thing in the morning and thirty minutes right before you retire for bed. Making this a part of your daily routine will open a space for you to get clear about your vision.
  2. Recognize and Release Fear:  Fear has been the number one reason why  many women remain stuck. We respond to things that have not happened and need not ever happen. To succeed beyond our fears, we must be one hundred percent prepared to release fear and reach for success.
  3. Trust  God.  All that is left to do is trust. Have faith in a God that is greater than you.  The God that causes the sun to rise, that perfectly heals a wound, takes a seed and turns it into an oak tree is the same God that has planted a vision within you.  Acknowledging God helps bring clarity to what  your vision truly can be.

It’s time that we all rise up and give birth to better world for ourselves and future generation. We don’t have another ten years to think about it, we don’t have time to just sit in front of the television to be entertained by the “housewives.”  We’ve got some birthing to do. We’ve got to help midwife a better tomorrow.

Stop waiting on tomorrow or next year, the baby is ready, so go on and push.

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