1220348083FnU3YXA couple months ago, Oprah Winfrey and Iyanla Vanzant did a show on fatherless sons. It was powerful and it alarmed the world of this epidemic. As I watched, I said to myself, “what about the fatherless daughters of the world.” I guess she heard me…lol! Well, not really. She heard from many women, who wrote in and asked the same question. Therefore, they decided to do something on fatherless daughters as well. They are calling it “Daddyless Daughters.” For some reason, Ms. Vanzant seems to think there is a difference between fatherless daughters and daddyless daughters. 

Not to discredit my sister, whom I have the highest love and respect for, I don’t believe there is a difference. The show “Daddyless Daughters” will air soon on the OWN network, so please check your local listing for dates/times. 

I watched the taping of these two shows online which will air on OWN later. It was very interesting. They did a segment on the fatherless sons first,  as a follow up. Which I loved. But when they got to the “Daddyless Daughters”, I was not as happy. I felt they were a little too playful with the topic. Because of the work I do, I’ve seen so much suffering and I too have experienced the suffering…therefore this topic is no laughing matter. 

I felt that they focused on just one type of fatherless daughter, the promiscuous one. Yes, many women who were fatherless will become promiscuous. Studies have proven this as a fact. They will make a lot of wrong choices in relationships because of their daddy wounds. But not all of us, and there are so many other variables to the saga of the fatherless daughters. 

You maybe reading this and wondering how does this effect your life? This topic effects all of us because we are trying to form friendships, business partnerships and alliances with women who were fatherless growing up. Please understand that a fatherless daughters is a woman who grew up with an absent, unavailable or unattached father. She is not just a girl whose father was not around. I have discovered that 80% of adult women are experiencing the fatherless daughter syndrome and this one key missing element is having a negative impact on their lives. …even with daddy in the home. But what impacts one woman, impacts us all. 

This fatherless daughter issue is huge. It’s causing women to suffer on many levels of their lives. Not just with relationships with men and promiscuity, but also in how we raise our children, how we behave on our jobs, how we interact with others, our relationship with money and how we see ourselves and view the world as a whole.

I am so excited that Oprah has started this conversation. I have been studying, writing, speaking and teaching on fatherless daughters for years. So it delights me to know that a conversation has started on a much larger and global level. But there must be more than simply talking. We must find solutions to a growing issue among us that is causing so many women’s lives to suffer. We may not make the 6 o’clock news, but we are out here and we are many. When our women suffer, so does our world. 

While we are having this conversation, let’s also find ways to heal. Over the years, I have helped hundreds of fatherless daughters to heal and move their lives forward through my breakthrough program.

I will tell you that to date: my “Fatherless Daughter Breakthrough Coaching Program” is the ONLY one of its kind that exists today. While I am delighted to know that I have the only existing coaching program specifically designed to help us breakthrough our daddy’s wounds, I am also shocked to know that more people have not stepped up to do more. That is why I am going to be offering a certification to those women who would love to teach and coach The Fatherless Daughter’s Breakthrough Program. You will be certified to help so many women through this program. 

As I continued to watch Oprah’s taping of the show, I was able to identify why she and Iyanla were not as in depth and laughed a lot during the discussion on this topic…they too are fatherless daughters. In my opinion, Oprah’s dad appeared unattached and Iyanla’s was unavailable…according to the stories they’ve shared with us. They would have had to dig into their pain and reveal it on the show in order to really teach how to heal. And trust me when I say that daddy wounds are deep and painful wounds. But it’s when we show our wounds, acknowledge they exist, that we can really begin to heal them.

Again, I salute and love dearly these two women for having the conversation. Now we must start the movement towards healing. If you want to become a certified facilitator of The Fatherless Daughter Breakthrough System, or you simply want to heal your own daddy wounds, I want to invite you to join me on for my upcoming Fatherless Daughter Breakthrough Coaching Program. This program is also a pre-requisite for those who want to become a certified facilitator. I am offering this program at a huge savings, so you’d better hurry and register. I have limited seats available. 

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