DiwaliBuffetI realize the Super Bowl is a big event. But I can’t help but get a little confused at how folks get so turned up about a ball game in the midst of all that’s happening around us. I get a little confused when I see how much money is spent on this one game. Yet, folks in Flint just want clean water for their kids.

I see the excitement and the many social media posts about “Bey” and her performance and how she “slayed” it, yet every 9 seconds a woman is assaulted and beaten in this country and I want to see as much uproar about this as I do about a dance.

Oh, how I wish I could get this kind of excitement and passion for the social ills that are created in the lives of women and girls due to fatherlessness.  I wish I could get women to stand with me and lead Fatherless Daughters Chapters across the world in order to heal the hearts of women and girls. But I can’t compete with all of the noise about a football game or a concert.

I loved seeing all of the beautiful new team outfits you purchased, the food, drinks and the parties you attended. They looked like so much fun. Yet, I’m sure you are aware that one out three kids will go to bed tonight without a father there to make them feel safe. The result is trauma that follows them into adulthood, broken marriages, teen pregnancies, prisons, and etc.

I don’t mean to be the fun police. I simply would like to know what will it take for us to get as excited and turned up for the change that needs to happen in our homes, communities, schools, workplaces and country? What will it take folks? I really want to know.

While I want to celebrate with you. I can’t right now. I wish I could do the “Dab’ with you. But I can’t right now. Why? Because I have work to do. I have to keep fighting for ways to create a better world for those grand babies of mine….and yours.

Oh, how I want to play and be apart of something as great as the Super Bowl. But I’d rather use a big platform like that to share hope for the future. I want to play when I have to work too. I do get to play sometimes. But Lord I want to play more.

Yet,  I can’t play until more of my brothers and sisters join me on this mission for change. You see, just like Gideon, WE can’t come off this wall. Gideon said in Nehemiah 6: “I’m doing a great work; I can’t come down.

What about you? Are you doing great work? Are you truly ready to be the change you wish to see in the world? In the book of Ecclesiastes, it says, “To Everything There is a Season.”

Our season has come to make a difference in the world. Let’s get it done…so we can all PLAY BIGGER!