7B7B320678B741A882F61929B3FE7BCF.ashx_-300x225It never ceases to amaze me the number of women who are willing to settle for things in life that they don’t want, like or desire. There’s something within us that causes us to simply give up on what’s most important to us. And for many women, they don’t even know what’s really important anymore.

They spend much of their time making sure that other’s are getting their needs, dreams and desires fulfilled. Oh, how I know this feeling all too well. There were times in my life when I wanted to choose my desires, but I felt it was more important that I did what was expected and required of me instead of what was true for me. I became tired and resentful. Not openly, because I would have never wanted to seen as being that kind of woman. But inwardly, I could sense a tightness in my core, my headaches increased and I was constantly tired. 

Repressed feelings and emotions will manifest in our bodies. When speaking to thousands of women through the work that I do, I have discovered that my story is not unique. I have found that many women find themselves ignoring the dreams and desires they hold dear in their hearts. They keep telling themselves perhaps one day when the kids are grown; one day when I get the money; or one day when I lose the extra pounds.

But I want to encourage you to make your “one day” today! I have a friend Bonita Clemons who has a new book coming out soon entitled “Don’t Wait til Monday.” People love to wait until Monday to start that new diet, to begin organizing their space, to start that exercise program or to make that important telephone call. We put off things until Monday. Bonita shares how she was trying to contact a dying friend’s brother so he could say goodbye to his sister on the telephone. When she reached someone who could get him on the phone, they asked that Bonita call back on Monday. She told the person that she didn’t have until Monday. So they put the brother on the phone and he was able to speak to his dying sister. Once she heard her brother’s voice, hours later she died. 

How long will you continue to wait on your dreams? How long will you wait until your relationship heal? You know that the two of you no longer talk “to” each other, but you talk “past” each other. When will you start the path to healing the relationship?

How long will you wait to launch that business, that dream, that idea? Will you wait until someone else launches a similar idea and then get angry because you believe they stole your idea?

What if I told you that you deserve to live the life of your dreams and that you have the power within you to make it happen? What if you could do it now regardless of your current situation or circumstances? Would you say yes? Will you give yourself permission to go after what you truly want today? I pray that you will.