I love you! At the right time, in the right place, these three little words can literally change your life–when spoken by the right person.
Some women search a lifetime just to hear these words spoken from someone with an authentic heart. Yet for others, the  question still remains, “will I ever find real love?”
I believe not only is love possible for every woman, it is inevitable. If we only knew how to make love work. I personally don’t believe that there are any shortages of available, loving men ready to unite with a soul mate, but I do believe there a many women who are not clear on what they want and how to get what they want.
In a nutshell, many women are doing everything in their power to push love out of their lives, and don’t even realize it. In my coaching program, I have coached many of my clients to finding true love, but there were some things they needed to actualize in order to begin attracting love into their lives.

Below are  three things you can do right now to begin making love work.

  1.  Focus on relaxing your control, become more flexible and sensitive to your partner. Often time women become very rigid in their relationships by holding back and detaching emotionally for fear of being dominated by their man. But it’s when we move from a place of fear into a place of love and generosity that we can experience real connections with our partners.
  2.  Initiate closeness by sharing your feelings more. Many women, who are successful, tend to avoid real intimacy by staying busy for fear of rejection. Make room in your schedule and spend quality time with your mate to create a space for openness, care and real love. By doing so, you will come to realize that connecting and giving your love does not lead to rejection.
  3.  Be willing to learn something new. Many times we become locked in an old paradigm of thinking that’s producing the problems in our relationship. Perhaps it’s time that you make a shift into identifying those limiting patterns that are keeping your life stuck. Hiring a life coach or mentor to help you learn to live from a new feminine power base would be a great asset.


Our real worth and our real power are not in our material power or success; it is in our feminine authentic self. A real man is not hard to find…but a real woman might be.

And remember, live authentically, laugh everyday and embrace love as a lifestyle! Because success really does begin with love.

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