As I sat at my computer to think about what to share with you this week, all I could say was “I Love You.” We often hear these words spoken from people close to us, but rarely from a stranger or someone we don’t know all too well.

But whether we have formerly met, connected through my blog, The Love Story Women Circle, Social Media or simply in passing, I want you to know that I LOVE YOU. Not in some superficial way, but in a space of deep, unconditional, pure, wide open love. 

How can I say this to people I don’t even know? Because on a level that’s deeper than this physical plane, we are all connected and we do know each other. And what connects us is God’s all abiding, all consuming LOVE!

It doesn’t matter that your day started off happy or sad, good or bad,  I wanted you to know that somewhere on this planet, in this world that you are loved!!

And somehow, that makes the day really okay after all!!