In 2019, I released my book Living in The Divine Ache™…Giving Birth to Your Next Level. Little did I know at that time, that we would all find ourselves living our own collective Divine Ache™ on a global level. We are all living in a time when millions are finding themselves stuck and facing some unimaginable truths about their lives and their future. We’ve got more questions than we have answers. For many, it feels as if they woke up one day in someone else’s life. We didn’t see “IT” coming. “How in the Heck Did We Get Here?” Many of us are scared, angry and confused, all at the same time. Because we are all traveling uncharted territories without a navigation system or map. How do we walk this invisible path without giving into our fears and anxieties? No one person has all the answers or even the right answer for that matter. Yet there is a PATH we can all take that will get us through the “Ache” and allow us to give birth to an entire new way of living, being and loving. I want to take you on that Path!