The thrill of falling in love can be intoxicating and addictive. It appears that you and your beloved have  become drunken, not on wine, but on what you call love. It becomes easy to compromise, give in or even give away parts of yourself that you would have never thought you would give away. You give up your sleep and rest because you just want to spend all of your time with your beloved. You can’t work, you can barely eat or sleep because even when you are not with him, you are thinking about him. It’s like a drug and you are on a super natural high.

But once you start to come down off of that high, and the real relationship begins, you then experience your hang over. You begin to see flaws in your beloved and you also begin to realize that parts of yourself has disappeard.  You and your beloved are beginning to experience a little tension in your relationship. You are not so willing to give in or compromise as you were in the beginning. You realize that you have “Lost Your Mojo.”  

Your Mojo is your attraction, your charm. It’s the thing that made your beloved want to be with you. It’s your confidence, your freedom, your power, your wit, your groove, it’s what makes you…you! It’s what drew him to you and then you gave it away to what you assumed was love. But it really was attachment.

We lose our Mojo when we confuse love with attachment. Love allows you and your beloved to be who they really are without trying to be like each other. But attachment asks for conformity to your needs and desires. Love doesn’t demand, but attachment demands that you make me feel whole. Love expands beyond the two people, but attachment excludes everything but the two people.  Love allows you to remain an individual, while attachement wants  you to be give up that part of you. When we become attached, we lose our Mojo.

There are 3 ways  move from attachement and get our Mojo back.

  1. Remember who you are. It is important that you always remain true to who you are in the relationship. This means that you are not willing to give up the core of who you are in order to be with your beloved. If you have made a commitment to remain celibate until marriage, then remain true to that. If you don’t believe in living together, then remain true to that. Giving up too much of who you are will only cause resentment later in the relationship. While there is a need to compromise in relationships, you must decide what is a deal breaker.
  2. Reconnect to Source. It doesn’t matter who you love, you should never love anyone or anything above God and yourself. During our intoxication stage of the relationship, we forget to spend time meditating, praying and loving ourselves. Never allow anything to move you from this sacred space of your oneness with God, not even your beloved.
  3. Recover what you gave away. If you realize that you have lost your “Mojo”, and then take it back. Step back into your powerful space and become who you were when you attracted your beloved in the first place. Your Mojo got him, and your Mojo will keep him.

Loving others and being loved is what we all desire. But when we confuse love with attachment, it depletes us and the relationship itself. But when we keep our Mojo and love from that place, we will experience the kind of love that brings joy, peace and happiness.

 Remember, Live Authentically, Laugh Everyday and Embrace Love as a Lifestyle!!

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