ImageProxy-1.mvcAs I sat down to write the first blog of the year for my community of subscribers, I searched through some of my previous notes from other writings, but nothing seemed to jump out at me.  Then I started to write the regular happy new year, make this a great year kind of speech. But that didn’t feel authentic. So, I paused for a moment and got really quiet, still and just listened. And here’s what I heard…

You are loved my dear sister! You are the most precious gift to the planet. There’s treasures of greatness inside of you that’s simply waiting to emerge.  Within you lies the greatest possibilities for your life this year. 

It’s when you awaken unto the truth of who you really are…not in some mental kind of way…but somewhere deep…somewhere in the sacred spaces of your being…where only you can gain access…will you be able to full grasp what lies beneath.

This is a great time of discovery…the unfolding of the “YOU” that’s been hidden, but now desires to be known. You’ve held a glimpse of her in those precious silent moments but have been afraid to speak about them because you feared you’d be judged. But yes, it was in those moments you’ve felt powerful. It was in those moments you’ve felt most loved. Imagine living those moments each and every waking hour…minute and second of your life?

Is this is possible for you? Not only is it possible for you, it’s inevitable.  Because you’re loved beautiful woman! You didn’t have to do anything to deserve this love…and you still don’t…you merely had to exist. So what will you do now that you know the truth of who you are? Will you live in this truth or will you continue to live the illusion of the limited life you’ve struggled to exit within?

There’s so much freedom in who you are. There’s also an abundance of joy, wellness, wealth and love in who you are. These are your birthright!  Yes, it’s a new year…so don’t you think it’s time to unleash who you are and begin to shine so the world can finally experience your true magnificence? Because we all have been waiting on you!