mi872_1_1290_1January is “Financial Awareness Month.”  As women we don’t really like to talk about being financially responsible. We have been the butt of jokes in the media about how we are not good with money. You hear comedians joke about us and TV husbands refer to their wives being gold diggers, shopaholics who like to waste their money. Notice I said, “their money.”

While these jokes may appear humorous to many, I don’t see it to be very funny. This kind of programming has become imbedded in the subconscious minds of many women and is now showing up in their lives on large scales.

Yes, women are earning more money than our mothers and grandmothers. We are moving up the ranks as high income earners and players in the game. Yet, we are failing when it comes to building significant wealth unless you count Chanel handbags and red bottom Louis Vuitton shoes as part of your financial portfolio.

A few years ago, I was in a meeting with some very powerful women and one of them was Kim Kiyosaki. Kim is the wife of Robert Kiyosaki the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad. Let’s pause for a moment. Do you see how I introduced Kim by referring to her husband? This is my point exactly. As women, it’s time that we begin to stand in our own power. I’m not talking some radical “we don’t need a man” kind of attitude. But one of great concern to establish ourselves as leading experts in the realm of money and long term wealth.

Kim’s book “Rich Woman” is a great read for any woman who is ready to take control of her financial destiny. A lot has changed in the investment world since she wrote the book, but it is a great read for those wanting to learn more about the world of creating financial wealth.

It’s not how much money you earn, it’s really how much you keep that makes you wealthy. It’s time that women get smarter with their money. In here book,  Kim will offer you a lot of externals to creating wealth, which is necessary. But today, I want to take a little different approach when it comes to money.

What causes money show up in your life in abundance and cause it stick is LOVE! That’s correct, money will always follow love and value. If you are ready to make wealth and abundance apart of your life, then it’s time that you make  Love a Lifestyle as your priority.

I want to share with you 3 things you can do immediately to change your money situation.

Change the way you feel about money. We learn our attitudes about money initially from our family. We’ve heard things like, “money don’t grow on trees or do I look like a money tree to you?” Some of us have even heard, “we could never afford anything like that.” It’s these kinds of beliefs that form our feelings about money. Including our religious training. Much of the religious teaching have us afraid to say that “we desire money.” We become afraid of appearing greedy or not spiritual. But when you study some of the world’s religions and their locations and buildings, you will see infinite wealth all around. It has been said that if we could sell of all of the real estate, properties, paintings, statues and other valuables owned by the world’s religious institutions, there would be enough to make every living person wealthy. You’ve got to change your feelings and your relationship with money money and when that happens, money begins to find you.

Find meaningful work. Money has a way of following joy. When you do the work that you love and you are passionate about, you will earn extraordinary money doing it.  Your dream job creates in you higher frequencies of Love and that goes out to the universe and comes back to you in the form of abundance. Find out what you love to do and get busy doing it. Discover your sweet spot and transform yourself into an abundant magnet machine.

Give it away. Only what we don’t give in any situation is missing. When you need something, the best way to get it is to give it. It’s a spiritual law that the wealthy has understood forever. Often times we hold onto our last because we hold a belief that there’s no more coming. That’s a scarcity mentality.  But when you understand that there’s unlimited supply of wealth in the universe, it doesn’t become difficult to give money. Create a lifestyle of giving. While we should give to those who are less fortunate, there is something to be said about planting your money in wealthy soil as well. I have given to mult-millionaires such as dinners, gifts and etc. I have always reaped very well because of it. Whomever you decide to give to or whatever, simply do it without anyone’s knowledge. Giving anonymously is a great way to receive back quickly.  I recommend giving 10 percent in tithes. This spiritual law has worked when understood correctly. There’s a way to tithe which will turn on the magic of abundance in your life. Always remember to give because you love to give.

It’s time that we women stop being the butt of bad jokes when it comes to money. It’s time that we take our financial matters seriously. We’ve got to teach our daughters to do the same. Money in and of itself is useless. But when we can use money to change laws, to change cultures to stamp out poverty, to empower communities economically, then we are becoming the real change makers. You playing small and remaining financially broke serves no one. Not you, not your family, not your community and not your world. Go get your money ladies!!