3- Part Live Online Workshop to Fast Track Your Business to Success!


July 9, 10, 11, Nightly at 8PM EST.

The Awakened Entrepreneur Exclusive 3-Part Fast Track Series designed to specifically to help you create a successful business that fulfills your authentic role in the world, while generating a the kind of income you desire and deserve! 


If you’re a heart centered entrepreneur, you’ve probably grown tired of the hustle and bustle of trying to make your business successful.

You started your business with the hope and promise of changing lives. But the only thing that keeps changing is your bank account and your energy level. They both keep getting lower and lower.

Everywhere you turn, the happy gurus and coaches are offering you their “simple six-figure systems”, “seven-figure blueprints” and “secret templates”  that promises to solve all your problems, all for the 5 easy payments of $999.

You’ve even tried a few of them.  But not only didn’t these strategies work, they also felt phony, manipulative and not authentic to who you are as a woman.  This way of doing business simply does not work for everyone. Especially the Awakened Entrepreneur.

The truth is, you’ve grown tired of all the hype. The latest greatest social media trick or the next best marketing scheme.  You are serious about building your business, earning good income and making a difference in the lives of other. Yet, you cannot achieve any of this if you’re constantly tired and broke.

What if you could find away to market and run your business in alignment with your core values, serve your clients in integrity, all while earning great money…would you be willing to try it?

I’ve helped clients get MASSIVE results…yet remain in alignment with their truth. So if you’re ready to increase your impact, influence and  income, then Welcome to The Awakened Entrepreneur Fast Track Series.






The truth is, there’s no ONE way to build a business. There’s not necessarily a BEST way.

But there’s certainly ANOTHER way. I want to show you ANOTHER Way.

I keep it very simple with these FOUR PILLARS: Mindset, Marketing, Money and Management.

When I teach you how to effectively build your focus and business around these four pillars to get massive results, you will understand why my clients are happy and excited about working with me.


How We Deliver This Program:

Live Calls each night will start at 8PM EST. Each Call is approximately 60 minutes w/ a Q & A. All calls are recorded and available for replay up ten days after the program ends.  You will receive:

1- Live Training Calls: I will conduct a Live Group Training Call each night. You will receive intense training on how to increase your influence, your impact and your income to create a successful six figure income and beyond. 

2- Downloadable Workbook: You will receive a downloadable workbook filled with powerful and applicable content  to help move and guide you through each lesson, to give you clarity on how to use these powerful strategies to create the results you are seeking.

3- Engagement: You can also ask questions and comment during the live teachings. All calls are recorded and available to listen for at least 72 hours.

This program designed to help raise your energetic frequency that dictates how you show up in the world, express your value and take actions in ways that demonstrates who you really are. As a result of these three days,  you will begin to make more strides to build the kind of business you desire and deserve.


The Right Kind of Strategies, Systems and Support !

All in Three Powerful Nights! 



Learn from a highly successful entrepreneur how to put heart and passion in your business and money in your bank account.

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 “A Rare Opportunity To Work w/ One of the Most Sought After Strategists in the World!”

It has been said that Angela Carr Patterson is a Leader’s leader. Having successfully built two companies in 35 years, she’s seen it all. Angela’s background as a successful entertainment executive has allowed her to work with top A-List Celebrities, high profile leaders and business owners. Her list of top high level clients has given her an inside look into their lives to identify the unique solutions to their success barriers to their unhappiness and failures. Over the years, Angela has taken these secret solutions and created unlimited success in her own life, business and the lives of many.

For years, in her own life, Angela struggled to hold it all together trying to fit into the mode of what success was supposed to look like. Yet inside she was unhappy, tired and unsure. When she finally told herself the truth about what she really wanted and learned how to get it. That was the day her life changed. Angela understands what it takes to build a successful business with ease.  She recognizes that heart centered women need a different kind of business building system and they long for a different kind of success. One that speaks to the primal part of their soul as a woman. One that is heart centered, focused and result driven. Today, Angela uses her keen insight, years of experience and her result driven skills and strategies to help women Awaken to their entrepreneurial calling and allow their hearts to be the driving force while earning great money doing it. Angela believes you deserve to make great money while doing good work.

The calls are so full of great information from identifying barriers to business success to very practical systems for running a business. All this with open, personal discussions with Angela! This is better than an MBA! I am so happy to be mentored by someone who has actually succeeded in building a business from scratch!

Ernestine Middleton

CEO/President, The Middleton Resources Group

Angela, you don’t know how much this has changed my life. I’m ready for the journey. With tears in my eyes, I know you were sent to me. I appreciate you believing in me. Thank you so much. May God bless you.

Kesha Hayes

CEO/President, PDTS, LLC

“Angela, my first session was an eye opening experience for me. There were things revealed that I didn’t have a clue about. I am ever so thankful to God and you for having such a blessed opportunity. Although there are many more sessions to go, I’ve gotten my money’s worth already!

Peggy Funny Roane

Creator, The Funny Zone




The Investment!

$150 Includes: 

3 Training Calls, Downloadable Workbook, and Access to Recordings for One Week. 

Note: All Payments are non-refundable.


The First 5 Women to Register Will Receive a Complimentary 45 Minute Private Coaching Session w/ Angela Carr Patterson (Valued: $195) 


Remit payment via Cash App $Carrangela or click the button below for Paypal.