NewNM03We are all working on our New Year’s Intentions. I’ve spoken to several women who have written out their career goals, their family goals and  personal goals. But often times what we call personal goals are not really personal goals because we tend to leave ourselves out of them. 

I have discovered that many women are afraid to star in their own life’s story. We make everyone else the star in our stories and we are somewhere in the backgrounds. But this is your life. This is your story and you deserve to be front and center in it. You deserve the leading role in your own life’s story.

When will you stop playing the stand in or the supporting role?  We organize ourselves around everyone else’s life, such as our children, our husbands, our careers and leave ourselves completely out. We hold a space for everyone else’s brilliance and for everyone else to shine. But who’s holding the space for you? It’s time that you begin the star in your own story.

One reason we remain behind the scenes is because we are afraid of the spotlight. The spotlight not only allows us to shine, but it also shines on and reveals our weak places. But I have a news flash for you. We don’t have weak places…we have wounds that just haven’t yet healed.  It’s okay to show your wounds. The last man who showed us his wounds, literally changed the world. That man was Jesus!! 

 I believe there are three things we can do to begin starring in our own life’s story…

1.  Learn the script. Each of us come into this world with a holy script that was written for us by our Creator. Then our parents through their rearing us, kind of rewrote that script. It’s our job as adults to re-discover what the original script said and begin directing that in our lives. We can do this through lots of spiritual work such as meditation, stillness and prayer. Make these practices a part of your daily life and watch your original script unfold for you. Understanding who you are and what you are here to do is what you will soon discover as your original script.

2.  Treat yourself like a star. You’ve heard the stories of celebrities who get the star treatment. Begin to see yourself as valuable as the highest paid celebrity. Treat yourself good by eating right, exercising, investing in personal growth programs, getting proper rest and smiling. You have to see the value in yourself before the world will. When you treat yourself like a star, so will the world. Love yourself more deeply and watch what happens.

3.  Walk in your leading role. As a leading lady in your life, you must take center stage. No one looks for the star of a broadway play in the corner stage. She’s always front and center and has the most lines. You get to speak up for yourself, no one can do that for you. Learn to say “no” to others when you need to. Learn to say “yes” to yourself often. Stop hiding behind the scenes , it’s time to get front and center. The spotlight is on you leading lady.!!

Begin to see your value and your real worth. God  created you perfect just the way you are. As you align with that real person and learn to value and appreciate your worth, something magical will happen. The world around you will take notice and the good in life will begin to show up  and life for you will become blissful and joyous. Simply, because you decided to move front and center to stand in the leading role of your life.

Remember, live authentically, laugh everyday and embrace love as a lifestyle.

Be sure to leave a comment below and let us here how you will begin to show up in your leading role.