115285CA4E9B4750B7D4D3C9E496BC22.ashxI heard someone ask the question, “Are you spending more time balancing your checkbook, than you are balancing your life?” It made me think. During these tough economic times we now live, people are running scared. They are pre-occupied with job security, having enough money to pay the mortgage, medical and credit card bills…and rightfully so.

With all the bad news coming from the media and our government, it is enough to send us all into a frightened panic. That’s if you have chosen to participate in that world.

As for me, I have decided not to participate in fear, recession or financial failure. I have chosen to live by a set of laws that are governed by a God who owns more than I could ever imagine. When we place more of our focus on adding balance to our lives, than we do balancing our check books, then we can become free from the stress of  financial failure.

We can chose to concentrate on being more thankful for our gifts, talents and skills in which we have been blessed and realize that these things are priceless. When we place our emphasis on giving of these gifts and talents to the world as a means to alleviate suffering,  not only will we bring our lives back into balance, we will also create unlimited possibilities for financial abundance.

Joseph Campbell coin the famous phrase, “Follow your bliss.” When we do the thing that makes us happy and makes us light up with joy, something magical happens, we become abundantly wealthy. You determine what wealth means to you. For me it encompasses many things such as money, health, love, family, friends, creativity and joy. I don’t mean some of these things, but I mean ALL of them.

You can have your life fulfilled. You no longer have to delay your good or settle for “as is.” You have the power to change your life and change it today. When will you have your defining moment? When will you say yes to your dreams and desires? I want to encourage you to do it today. Not sure where to start?

I want to share with you three things you can do right now to start following your bliss:

1. Write it down. Make a list of everything you want to accomplish in the next 12 months. Don’t play small, dream big. Don’t set yourself up to fail either. If you want to earn more money this year, then write down a “bold money goal.”  Make the goal something that you know with the right help and knowledge you can achieve it. But if there’s no vehicle in place right now to achieve that amount, you may have to find the vehicle, the means to accomplishing the goal. I had a client who told me that her bold money goal for this year is one million dollars. I didn’t hesitate because we already have the vehicles in place for her to earn that amount. I will simply guide and direct her with new strategies and systems to make it happen.  It’s a small stretch for her, but it’s my job to stretch her and utilize the vehicles that she has in place. In fact, we will exceed that number for her this year.  Write your dreams down on paper. I have a philosophy that I live by…if it’s not on paper, it didn’t happen. Write it down in your own handwriting.

2. Create Your Blueprint and Strategy : If you are building a house you have an  architect to create you a blueprint. The construction team use the blueprint as a guide to come up with strategy steps and systems to actually build the house. But if you just carry the blue print around in your brief case and don’t put some action to make fulfilling the vision, then you will never live in the house. You are simply wishing and not dreaming. If I told you that I wish I had a pizza and you brought me some flour, milk, cheese and told me to make the pizza, I would be upset. Because I simply said that I “wish” I had a pizza. But if I said that I could really vision eating a pizza right now, I would do anything to have that pizza. The difference between a wish and a dream is…A dream is something you are willing to work, sacrifice and pay a price to have. A wish is not. Are you wishing or are you dreaming? Create a blueprint for your life and implement the right strategies.

3. Just Do It: You are only as close to your dreams as your first step. You know what to do, you’ve read all of the books and attended all of the seminars. Now it’s time to put what you know into action. Look at your calendar? Start filling it up with actions that will take you closer to your dreams. Massive actions creates massive results. If you have a business and it’s not doing really well. Take a look at the actions you’ve been implementing.

You no longer have to walk in fear when you are living the Love Lifestyle.  You can stop focusing on taking and now that of giving. Sure we should all balance our checkbooks to be efficient in our business dealings. But we must also be sure to pray and meditate regularly to keep ourselves balanced. But more importantly, we should permit ourselves to focus on the things that give us true joy by always following our bliss. When we do this, all the other things will magically show up in our lives.

Wow, isn’t it great to know that we  can be a part of the solution?