Have you ever had an unexpected expense that you were not prepared to pay? It happens to the best of us. Just the other day I went to get an eye exam because it was beyond time for me to get some new glasses. I figured that I would probably have to make my co-pay of $10 and then maybe another $70 for the glasses.

But when I selected the frames and they added up what the doctor had ordered in the prescription and after what my insurance paid, I had a balance of $195. That was much more than I had anticipated having to pay. Yes, you can tell that I haven’t purchased glasses in a while.

It was not a problem for me because I had the money. I didn’t have to put in on a credit card, nor did it put me in a financial bind. But I can remember when an unexpected expense of $195 would have set me back for a while. I was not always in a place where I could have afforded an unexpected expense of almost $200.

My money struggles were real. I just couldn’t seem to catch a break. I was constantly worried about having enough money. I would work hard and yet somehow never manage to make ends meet. I also was constantly worried about not wanting others to know that I had money problems. I held a whole lot of shame around my money issues.

It wasn’t until I recognized this reoccurring pattern and understood there was something deeper going on that I got serious about healing and transforming my relationship with money.  Then and only then was I able to breakthrough my money barriers, blocks and belief and move into the flow of money in my life.

My first step was to identify, uncover and banish forever all the hidden negative subconscious beliefs that I held around money that sabotaged my best efforts. Many female entrepreneurs struggle with money issues. 

Some of the ways you know that you are dealing with some invisible money wounds are:

  • Your clients don’t pay you what they owe you are they are oftentimes late with their payments.
  • You are afraid to raise your rates and prices for your services or products for fear that no one will ever pay you that much money.
  • You make great money for one or two months and then your income drops back down again. You work really hard to get your income back up again by lowering your prices so you can sell faster. This is successful for a short time, but your income eventually drops back down again. You simply can’t seem to ever get your business revenues above a certain amount.

These are just a few indicators that you may be the victim of the up and down money roller coaster. Your wealth thermostat needs to be reset.

I know what it feels like to be in the space of not enough. I know what it feels like to appear to look successful and yet, know deep down inside that things are not as they appear. I know what it is to make up justifiable reasons to my friends why I couldn’t go on trips, purchase their products/services, or go to an event. But the truth was, I simply couldn’t afford it and didn’t want them to know. 

You see, no one told me about a wealth thermostat and that I could reset it and change how money would begin to flow into my life and business. When I finally discovered the tools and methods to breakthrough my money issues, my entire business income shifted.

Now I want to share this information with you that could be the game changer for you and your money in my upcoming Awaken Your Wealthy Place in the Next 90 Days Program.

I’m going to show you how to identify the two money traps that keep women entrepreneurs in the up and down money struggle and how to breakthrough them.  I will also share with you my 4 Part Money Mastery System that will help you to put your financial house in order and begin to enjoy freedom from money worries.

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