Have you ever felt as if your life was spinning out of control? Did you simply want to quit and give up?  Sometimes the best of us want to throw in towel and it can happen multiple times on this journey to building our dreams. Listen, I know what it feels like to be pulled and stretched so hard that you want to scream! I’ve even had the courage to scream a time or two.

It’s during these times of great overwhelm that I’ve learned to lean in harder and keep moving toward the thing that is giving me the most challenge. That’s because I know that a greater and valuable lesson is on the other side. And while, I may go kicking and screaming sometimes, I will never, ever give up or quit.
As with you, I know you get tired. I know sometimes it feels as if no one cares, no one is looking and there’s no one to support you.  You can even feel isolated and alone. Then there are those times when you feel insecure and inadequate. I get it, I really do.
I’m  reaching out to you today to encourage you to stay the course. To dig your feet deeper in the ground so that you can stand strong as you take your next step. Because you were built for this season of your life. Everything that you’ve gone through, every bit of pain, ever tear cried, every betrayal, every failure has brought you to this very edge and if you don’t jump, take the leap, you will have gone through it all for nothing.
You don’t get to the edge of the highest peak of your dreams unless you’ve gone through some things. So even though today doesn’t feel like you are gaining ground or getting closer to the edge of your dreams, you are.  There’s something about getting to the edge.
I call this process Dream Edging and I want to share with you 3 things I’ve learned about  Dream Edging:

1. It’s gets more difficult as you get closer. The climb gets tougher as you are rising to the top edge. You just have to make sure that you remain focused, clear and take really good care of your body. Eat well, rest and drink lots of water and get rid of all negative and toxic people in your life.

2. The second thing about  Dream Edging is that one journey is ending and another one is beginning. You see once you make the climb, fight through the tough times, get hurt and betrayed, fall down and skin your knees, get back up again, you’re finally at the edge of the cliff.  So the old journey has ended. You can either turn back around or you can jump to the next edge that starts the new journey. Oh, did you think it was over once you reached the edge?  Absolutely not! This is ongoing journey that never ends. The peaks simple get higher and so does the rewards. One journey ends so another one can begin.

3. The last thing about the Dream Edging is that when you LEAP you have no idea what’s ahead on the other side. So, how do you jump when you don’t know where the other side leads? That’s the beauty in this journey, it requires a level of faith that only people like you have. How do I know you have that level of faith? Because it’s the same faith that led you to the edge. And what I know for sure is that God has a bigger dream,  a bigger reward on the other side because you trusted Him enough to get you to this point. So trust Him enough to take the leap. I promise where you land will be so much more than you could have ever emagined. It’s a journey worth taking.

So while today you may not be feeling your very best. It’s okay. Simply take a moment, shed a tear, then find the support you need to give you the push to keep moving. Whatever you do, just don’t quit! Because you will be quitting on yourself and you are so worth the effort.
I’m here for you to support and to serve.