I just don’t trust him. These are often the words spoken by women who are in relationships. I have discovered that the number one frustration and fear in women when it comes to relationships is trust. They fear being cheated on and betrayed by their beloved. Most women believe their trust issues were developed because they had been cheated on in the past. But our trust issues stem way back even before we met our beloved. Relationships show up and trigger what has already been programmed in you as a child. While I will not get into the root causes of trust in this blog, I would like to address ways in which you can begin to trust in your relationships.

Trusting someone can be difficult when you have been burned in the past by others. Yet if you are going to achieve any success in a relationship, trust will be necessary. But not in the way you think.

Learning to trust is really about knowing that God is in the midst of all that we do and God really want to protect us. When you put your trust in a man, you are saying to yourself that he has something you need. But in reality, he doesn’t. You are not in lack of anything, when you stand fully in your power that comes from living in the love zone as one with God. As you move into your relationships from a new paradigm and a new power base, you can fully trust in the process and in the power of the Divine to keep you safe from harm.

Let’s face it, men will disappoint us. People will never be everything that you want them to be. But when you allow what somebody does to you, to change who you are at the core of your being, you have just given away your power to that person. Yet, when you stand fully in your power of knowing that God is your lifeline, that all  you need in any moment is already within you, trust no longer becomes   a factor.

Realizing that you are a daughter of the Most High God and that you are loved and protected simply because you exist, becomes the driving force behind your ability to give love and trust to your relationships. When this happens, your vibrational tone will reach an all time high and the love and faithfulness you desire in a relationship will automatically manifest for you. It has to, it’s law!!

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