Screen-Shot-2013-03-03-at-6.26.39-AMI  truly believe that we have the power to live our lives by design. We all  have been born with amazing capabilities to create life with our thoughts and our words. Today, I want to challenge you to dedicate this week to God.  Decide that you are going to have a wonderful week filled with love, peace and joy.

You can do this by starting each day in prayer, meditation and focusing your attention on Love. Begin to imagine in your mind the kind of week you want and begin to speak that image out loud. Be specific, feel the emotion attached to it, write what you’re feeling down in your journal, read it aloud and thank God for it being granted.  Our words give power to our lives. Therefore remember to speak only what you desire to see manifested in your life. Purpose in your heart to remain in Love’s space. Because that’s where God lives.

WARNING –  I want to warn you, however, that the very moment you decide to make love a priority in your life, everything that’s not like love will begin to surface.

When unloving things happen you can choose to take the high road as exampled here:

  • When a co-worker says something that is untrue about you.
  • Embrace your husband and kiss him on the forehead when he doesn’t take the trash out once again.
  • Remind your child how magnificent he is when he is acting like a fool.

I’m not suggesting that you become a door mat.  What I am telling you is to refuse to focus on the evil around you and choose to focus and see the Love of God that’s every where.

You have the option to see life differently and when you do, you will make new choices that support your new reality and vision of life.

When we choose to love instead of hate, when we choose to give instead of take, when we choose to laugh instead of complain, we will have what we desire. We are co-creators with God and it is our birthright to be happy, joyful and free on any given day we choose. Dedicate this week to God; to Love and you will experience an extraordinary Love Filled week.  It’s yours and you deserve it!