512956d884c49f25a18b1f7d“Mastery does not come from dabbling. We have to be prepared to pay the price. We need to have the sustained enthusiasm that motivates us to give our best.” — Eknath Easwaran

We all want to be successful, but are we all willing to take the necessary steps to make it happen in our lives? Many of us aren’t yet willing to make that commitment.  This doesn’t mean that we are lazy or worthless, it simply means we are not inspired.

Life can sometimes show up in ways that pulls us down and leave us tired, worn and  frustrated. But it’s during those times that you need the help of a trusted friend, a mentor, a supporting cast to inspire you and breathe life into your worn out soul.

I believe that we all arrive at moments in our lives when we feel like we simply cannot go any further. I know for sure that I’ve been there countless of times. But it’s during these times a trusted friend or one of my mentors/coaches will call or show up out of no where to offer words of inspiration and encouragement. Often times without me even asking.

That’s when I know that the Universe is set up for you and I to win. The entire Universe is cheering us on and creating huge openings for us to step through, even when it appears that all doors have been closed.

We simply need to take the steps in the direction of our dreams. When we don’t see these openings, it’s important that we pay attention to the little angels that come our way to point us in the right directions. These angels could be a blog, a social media post, a newsletter, a text message, a gentle smile or a soft tap in the shoulder. Whatever it is, be sure to pay attention. Pay attention to the smallest gestures that’s trying to communicate the answers to life’s most pressing questions.

All of these things collectively are happening around us to inspire us to stay the course, to remain  committed to our dreams and to never give up.

I want to share with you 3 things that will help you remain motivated, inspired and committed to your dreams:

Create an environment of inspiration. My home office is not only a work space for me, but it also a sanctuary of inspiration and empowerment. I have all sorts of little reminders, trinkets, candles,  and items to remind me of who I am and why I am on this path. Books, photos…things of beauty that reflect the deeper parts of my heart. So when I am tempted to get into overwhelm, I simply look up and see the beauty all around me and the inspiration to keep going. Remember, when fish are sick, you don’t treat the fish, you treat the water.  Your environment is important.

Have your supporting cast on speed dial. There are some people who are meant to be in your life. You and these people know it. Make a commitment or vow to be there for each other. Create a vow that you will not play into each other’s victimization and that you will not allow each other to play small. Hold each other’s hand, stand for each other…even when one cannot stand herself. It’s call sacred sisterhood. Can’t find anyone like this in your circle?  Then I recommend that you become a member of the Love Story Women Circle. That circle is filled with hundreds of women who are willing to do this with you. Everyone needs a supporting cast.

Reach out and help someone. Often times when we are being challenged with something in our lives, it’s during those times that we should find ways to contribute into the life of someone else. It creates a state of being of love and generousity within us the lifts our vibration and creates miracles in our lives.  Taking our eyes off our own issues and helping someone else solve theirs, creates in us an attitude of gratitude, care and heart towards those we are assisting. Try this and I promise it will work wonders and miracles will begin to show up in your life.

Of course, it can be challenging when trying to pursue success in life. But the way to success is just as important as the destination itself. On this journey there are many lessons, opportunities and gifts that we often times miss because we are so focused on our goals. Take time to be still so that you don’t miss the small, gentle whispers of the Universe trying to speak, connect and commune with you. That’s what the real journey is all about.

Stay the course, remain committed to your goals and create a constant environment of inspiration and love. Because success in life really does begin with Love.